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Instituto Mediterraneo Sol (IMSOL) is a language school in Granada, Spain. Operating since 1992, the school offers Spanish language courses at all levels. Worth noting is that IMSOL is an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Teaching Centre, also complying with the CEN regulations (Comité Européen de Normalisation) concerning the language study trips. The course levels provided are organized in accordance with the European Common Reference Framework for Languages. On top of these, daily cultural activities are organized by the school to ensure a full immersive experience for its students. Various excursions to cities all over the country are organized during the weekends, too, while accommodation is taken care of by the institute as well.

All Programs Available:
  • Education
    • Language Teaching
    • Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language
    • Teacher Training for Foreign Languages
    • Teaching Hearing and Language
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • Spanish Language and Culture
    • Spanish Courses
  • Sciences
    • Meteorology
  • Social and Cultural studies
    • Spanish Culture and Society
    • Spanish Civilization and Culture
    • Language and Culture
Language of instruction


Type of school

Language School


+34 95 829 37 32


Enriqueta Lozano 17, Granada, Spain, 18009


Instituto Cervantes, 2002

More information about Academic Programs

Intensive, superintensive, individual, combined (group and individual), Estudios Hispánicos, Commercial Spanish, courses for teenagers, DELE, teacher training, groups, Seniors, Spanish literature, Spanish history, Medical Spanish, Spanish Tourism

More information about Graduate Programs

Admission Requirements

-From 13 to 17 Years old (Adolescent Course); (Need of an authorization of parents or guardian); -Advanced payment of 100€ which will be discount from the total fees.

Language Requirements



Example for four weeks (2013): Intensive: 20cl. 657 € / 25cl. 821 €; Combined: 25cl(20 in group + 5 individual) 1195 €; Superintensive: 30cl. 985 €; DELE: 20cl. 821 €; General Hispanic Studies: 20cl. 819 € / 25 hs. 1026 € Literature, History, Culture, Spanish Commercial: 10cl. 598 €. Seniors:10cl. 458 € Grammar or Conversation: 10cl. 385 € Teacher Training Course: 40cl. 545 € Intensive Spanish Course + Intensive Dance Choreography: 30 cl. 346,75 € Intensive Spanish Course + Intensive Dance Technique: 30 cl: 306,50 € I Intensive Spanish Course + Intensive Compás (Rhythm) 23 cl: 306,50 €

Financial Aid

CSN Bildungsurlaub Comenius


Shared apartment: -Individual room( 110 €/week); -Double room (for two people) 95 €/week/person. Hostfamily: -half-board ,-individual room (180 €/week) ,- half-board- double room (168 €). Full-board - individual room (210 €/week), full-board-double room (192 €).

Services and Activities

Daily activities and weekend trips. Free internet access. Discounts with IMSOL Students Card. Library, DVD´s, Videoteque. Wifi

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