Language Immersion Courses in Salamanca, Spain

Academia Berceo

Salamanca, Spain
The Academia Berceo is a specialized Spanish school based in Salamanca. Established in 1994, the school aimed to deliver language education through the application of modern techniques and methodology. Another important point is that Berceo is the only school in Salamanca, who has special facilities for people with physical impairments. Operating all year round, the school offers a variety of Spanish courses, including DELE, Spanish standard course, intensive Spanish, Spanish grammar, Spanish for business, Spanish for tourism, one to one, Spanish literature, and Spanish for teenagers.... See full description.

Academia Universitaria

Salamanca, Spain
The University Academy is an institution, situated in Salamanca, Spain - a city of 180.000, located two hours from Madrid and 45 minutes from Portugal and Valladolid. It has been providing educational services to Spanish and international students since 1992. It offers courses in culture, literature, gastronomy and many others. It also offers courses at university level, with accredited diplomas in computers, physics, chemistry, history, archeology, technical design, geography etc. There are two main types of programs made available – especially designed ones for foreign students, and... See full description.

Centro de lenguas ALMAR

Salamanca, Spain
ALMAR is a specialized school offering various language opportunities for Spanish language learners. The school is based in Salamanca, Spain, and on top of the general language options it offers preparation for D.E.L.E, literature courses, business Spanish and teacher training. The language center is located in the center of the city, close to the university campus. Classes are held in small groups, so that maximum personal attention can be ensured for each participant. The communicative method of teaching is the main one applied by the well-qualified instructors, who aim to encourage... See full description.

Colegio de España

Salamanca, Spain
The Colegio de Espana came into existence in 1973, as an educational establishment which would aid the promotion of Spanish and Hispano-American language and way of life. The college is located in the heart of Salamanca just a couple of minutes from Plaza Mayor. The school is equipped with a video conferencing suite, library, multimedia facility and free high-speed internet service. The courses offered at Colegio de Espana are Year long, summer program, Hispanic studies and optional studies. Colegio de Espana is accredited by Cervantes Institute and also has the quality recognition... See full description.

Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos

Salamanca, Spain
Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos is a Spanish language school that has been building its reputation since 1975. The school states that its distinctive feature is the close and friendly atmosphere formed between students and teachers. The instructors, on the other hand are highly qualified professionals, who constantly develop and improve the teaching methods they employ in order to ensure a fast and effective progress for all. Courses offered include Intensive Spanish Language, Highly Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Course, Commercial Spanish Course, Special Course in preparation... See full description.

Colegio Unamuno

Salamanca, Spain
Colegio Unamuno is a school, specialized in the teaching of the Spanish language – it was established in 1987 in the historic district of Salamanca. In 2008 the school managed to secure a favorable report from the Cervantes Institute, allowing the Colegio Unamuno to join the Network of Accredited Language Centers in Spain. The courses provided by the institution include general Spanish, intensive courses, Technical Spanish, Spanish for Teachers, DELE exam preparation, individual options, and so on. A number of cultural activities are organized, too, and most of them are also included in... See full description.

Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca

Cursos Internacionales is the oficial spanish language teaching organization of Salamanca University, since 1989. Foreign people who want to learn spanish in Spain, will find the most suitable spanish course easily. We have a wide list of spanish language immersion programmes all along the year. Courses both for adults and children. The main goal of Cursos Internacionales is to make spanish language knowledge accesible around the planet. We have a close collaboration with main internacional institutions such as Instituto Cervantes or University of Cambridge to give students facilities... See full description.

DILE Cursos Internacionales de Español

Salamanca, Spain
DILE at Salamanca, Spain is a Spanish language centre. DILE offer courses to its students according to their levels. There are 8 levels of language proficiency which entail the following courses: DILE courses for ELE teachers and young learners. The duration of courses ranges from 15 to 30 hours per week, while students have the option of choosing one to one or group sessions, too. The teaching methodology focuses on speaking and listening skills. The institute has multimedia resources, library and audio visual rooms to aid learning. DILE also offers long term courses which include... See full description.

Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca (I.T.S.)

Salamanca, Spain
I.T.S. is a school, which was established in 1993 with the purpose to offer specialized courses on interpreting and translation. Currently, the school provides both this type of classes, which are high-level courses (targeting future interpreters and translators as well as professionals, working in this field) and general Spanish courses at six different levels. All Spanish courses are divided up into modules, which means that each student can design their own curriculum, tailoring it towards their specific needs. All instructors are well-qualified to teach in their specialist areas –... See full description.

Letra Hispánica, School od Spanish Language and Culture

Salamanca, Spain
Letra Hispánica is an accredited center, offering courses in Spanish language and Hispanic Culture. The academy is located in the heart of Salamanca, a few minutes walk from the Main Square. It takes pride with its modern amenities, which include multi-media screens, sound devices, wheelchair access, air conditioning, and so on. The variety of programs provided is more than wide: language, history, literature, film and art classes are available, as well as workshops, cultural trips, seminars, and conferences. Letra Hispánica is also very proud of the fact that in addition to the high... See full description.

Lingua Globe

Salamanca, Spain

Mester Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
The Mester Spanish school in Salamanca is a Spanish language center, situated in the city center of Salamanca, Spain. It offers general and intensive Spanish learning opportunities as well as DELE preparation courses, Medical Spanish language courses and an academic year in Spain option. The school is located in a three-floor building, priding itself on the well-equipped classrooms, library, labs, computer room, meeting room, offices, as well as a gym, and assembly halls. Classes are engaging and cover grammatical, communicative, lexical and cultural objectives, applying the communicative... See full description.

Salmínter, Escuela de español

Salamanca, Spain
SALMíNTER is a language school, located in Salamanca, Spain. It was established in 1986 with the purpose to help foreign students get a feel of Spanish language and culture. The institution believes that what truly distinguishes them from other schools is the fact that the whole team consists only of teachers, and is also directed by teachers. The courses offered are aimed at students of all ages, interests, and levels. They include Intensive Spanish, Intensive Spanish Language and Civilization, Spanish Culture, Business, Official Exams (D.E.L.E), and a number of other options.

Spanish Courses Colegio Delibes

Salamanca, Spain
Colegio Delibes is one of the best private schools, centrally located in Salamanca, and exclusively dedicated to providing Spanish Language Courses for foreign students year-round. Its facilities include air-conditioned classrooms, Wi-Fi coverage, an audio laboratory, a video-conference room, a library and a computer room with free Internet access, as well as an enclosed patio in the typical Spanish style, where students can relax and socialize during coffee breaks.Colegio Delibes does not offer just Spanish language courses, but a variety of courses with different specializations and... See full description.

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