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Universities in Tirana, Albania

University of New York Tirana

Tirana, Albania
This is the first European Masters in Computer Science in Tirana, Albania. This Masters Programme in Computer Science is offered in collaboration with University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. At the completion of this programme, students will receive dual Masters: Albanian and British from University of New York Tirana and University of Greenwich respectively.

University of Tirana

Tirana, Albania
After the II World War the System of Higher Education in Albania has been composed by five so called High Institutions, which has been created to meet our emergency needs in preparation the specialists in the most important sectors of life. For the university studies, Albania sent the students abroad, in the universities of Eastern Europe. In the year 1957 the first University in Albania has been created when already existed Pedagogical Institute, Polytechnic Institute, Higher Institute of Economics, Higher Juridical Institute of Medicine, joint together and formed the State University of... See full description.