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Language Immersion Courses in Belgium

AAA Europa Language School ASBL - Belgium

Brussels, Belgium
Europa Language School is a non-profit organization, founded in 1990. Located in the heart of Brussels, the school’s mission is to offer excellent language training that is both affordable and flexible enough to meet the needs of different groups of individuals. Europa Language School provides more than 15 language courses; examples are French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese. The school is particularly specialized in the provision of tailored individual and group courses for professionals, academics, and newcomers to... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Belgium by City:


About Language Immersion Courses in Belgium

If you’ve always dreamed of acquiring a second language, and thus gaining the prestige and personal satisfaction that comes with it, there are few places on earth that can compare to the country of Belgium as a study destination.  In terms of land area and population, Belgium is a relatively small country in Western Europe, but despite its size, the country has a number of interesting characteristics you’ll undoubtedly find appealing, including its astonishing diversity.  Due its geographic location, Belgium has become a melting pot of different cultures, traditions and languages.  In all, over 40 languages can be heard on the Belgian streets and countryside, but the predominant tongues, all three of which are recognized as Belgium’s official national languages, are Dutch, French and German.  This remarkable linguistic mixture in Belgium affords new-language learners numerous options and opportunities to broaden their horizons while studying and living in this extraordinarily cosmopolitan country. 
Students who wish to learn Dutch will want to head to northern region of Belgium and the Flemish community that’s colloquially known as Flanders.  In Flanders, Dutch is the official language and is spoken by most of the people there, allowing students to be fully immersed in the language, both in and out of the classroom.  There are also many Dutch language schools concentrated just to the south of Flanders, in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.  Brussels is Belgium’s only true metropolis and just a short drive away from the Flemish community.  Years ago, Brussels was a Dutch-speaking city, and although most of its residents now speak French, the city is still home to a number of renowned Dutch language schools.
When taking a break from your studies in Brussels, you’re sure to find plenty of enjoyable diversions to fill your time.  From tours of historical museums, the NATO building and the European Council headquarters to sidewalk cafes, shopping and the theater, Brussels has everything you could possibly want in a city.  You can even duck into one of the pubs or nightclubs and sample one of the 650 beer varieties the country boasts.
Those who desire to learn French will have an equally exciting experience in Belgium.  Brussels, of course, is still an option, but for a truly unique experience you may want to venture to the city of Spa.  Spa, Belgium is located in the Walloon Region and is nestled strategically in the valley of the Ardennes Mountains.  This quaint little community of 10,000 residents is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Brussels, a place with breathtaking views of the local landscape.  Famous around the world for its “healing” hot springs, the appropriately-named Spa is a popular tourist attraction, with endless opportunities for shopping, sightseeing and fine dining.
Language schools in and around Spa offer several program options for both students and adults, including courses that are shorter in length and much more intensive.  As a student you’ll learn from a qualified instructor who will use multiple modalities of instruction, including large and small group discussions, guided practice and one to one conversational sessions.  Unlike some other language courses, in which instruction stops when the “school bell” rings, in Belgium the learning experience continues all day, as you’ll be fully immersed in the language and culture as you enjoy all the wonderful sights, sounds and cuisine Belgium has to offer.