Language Immersion Courses in Chile

COINED International Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile, Chile
Coined International has one of its branches in Santiago, Chile. The school in Santiago is very near to the commercial zone of the city. The Spanish courses offered in Santiago are General courses, Spanish + Activity and Spanish + Professionals. General courses include intensive + super intensive + immersion as well as private. Spanish and activity include Spanish + Salsa and Spanish + Ski. Spanish for professionals includes Spanish + culture and Spanish for DELE certificate. The accommodation options in Santiago are families + homestays, residence and private homes.

Escuela Bellavista

Providencia, Chile
Escuela Bellavista is a Spanish teaching center in Santiago, Chile. It is committed to ensuring students learn in full immersion with the local environment. The school offers intensive, super intensive, one-to-one courses, as well as exam preparation options. Students are able to stay with their teacher or with Chilean families. Numerous trips, adventures and extracurricular activities are planned for students, too.

Escuela de Idiomas Violeta Parra - Tandem Santiago

Santiago de Chile, Chile
Escuela de Idiomas Violeta Parra - Tandem Santiago, was created in 1992 in Santiago, Chile. Joining a group of schools named TANDEM International, it adopted the name Tandem-Santiago. The institution offers four types of Spanish courses - group courses, private tuition (or 1 on 1), semi-individual tuition (or 2 on 1) and special modules (consisting of Spanish for lawyers, Medical & Commercial Spanish). They have also made available a fast program structure to learning Spanish language with a total duration of just 7 weeks. Study groups are limited to a maximum of 7 students in a group,... See full description.

HelloChile - Spanish learning - internships - tourism in Concepción

Concepcion, Chile
HelloChile is a business organization based in Chile, offering get-around services to tourists, visitors and foreigners generally. Services provided include: Translators and Translation, Spanish learning and tutoring, Internship in Chile, Rent a Car – Car rental & Tourism. Spanish translators and translation services are provided by HelloChile in practically all areas of life like sciences, exhibitions, seminars, consultancy, technical activities, healthcare, law and legal services, business and management, meetings and visits, etc. Most of the translators working for this business... See full description.

Instituto Chileno Suizo de Idiomas y Cultura

Santiago de Chile, Chile
Our Language school and cultural center offers quality courses, giving you the necessary tools and knowledge for your future. For us it is important to treat every student as an individual. We understand our responsibilities towards our students and their needs to achieve progress in their learning process. The institute is committed to deliver personalized and efficient training, to help you in your personal, professional and social development. We have chosen and excellent location on Lastarria street, a well-known historical and cultural neighborhood, where tourism, culture and... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Chile by City:

ConcepcionLas CondesProvidenciaSantiago de Chile

About Language Immersion Courses in Chile

For students seeking a place to live and work while being immersed in the Spanish language, there are few destinations more appealing than Chile. In addition to a vibrant culture and strong economy, it has a natural beauty that must be seen to be believed. It is also a highly secure, stable, and safe place to be. Unlike some countries in South America, which have suffered in recent years from spiking crime rates and growing violence, Chile has spent the last 20 years enjoying a calm political environment and very low levels of violence. It also has several of the best universities in South America, and many of these run Spanish-language programs for foreigners. Such programs are taught by some of the best faculty available, and are probably the highest in quality, but are usually more expensive than smaller language schools.
The majority of formal language classes and immersion programs will be found in Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city. In smaller towns and villages, you can easily find an immersion experience (simply visit the local marketplace!), but formal classes will be more difficult to come by. The end result of this is that Santiago is a better option for beginners, while those with some experience in the language who are seeking to expand their vocabulary and gain fluency have more options. If you have been studying Spanish for only a brief period of time and you still need to learn rules of grammar and basic vocabulary, stick with the Spanish-as-a-Second-Language programs in Santiago; otherwise, weigh your options and decide whether you would prefer to be in an urban or a rural area, then choose your destination accordingly.
It’s worth noting that the Chilean dialect of Spanish differs somewhat from the standard Spanish that is typically taught in schools in Europe and the United States. While the Chilean dialect is perfectly intelligible to a native speaker of Spanish, it can take some getting used to if you are just learning the language. The pronunciation of certain words can be quite different, and there is a distinct colloquial vocabulary to Chilean Spanish. It is a bit like going to Scotland to learn English. Nonetheless, its other advantages more than outweigh this drawback in the opinion of many students and visitors.
If you are a fluent speaker of English, a great (and cheap) way to get an immersion experience in Chile is to do volunteer work as an English teacher. There is great demand for the English language in Chile’s growing school system, and a shortage of native English-speaking instructors. Many programs will finance your stay, providing food and comfortable lodgings, enabling you to concentrate on learning the language. In addition, many of the schools that are most in need of teachers are located in the beautiful rural areas of the country, so if your interest in living and working in Chile stems from a love of nature, mountains, beaches, and wildlife, a semester or a year teaching English is one of the best ways to go.

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