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Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Ireland

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Ireland

Online degree programs allow students to earn a college diploma at various levels of study.   Online classes are designed to allow students optimal schedule flexibility at any geographical location that is compatible to the internet.  Students receive instruction through websites, e-mail, electronic bulletin boards, and messaging systems.  Education via the internet is an increasing mode of instruction for students throughout the world, and Ireland is no exception.

Some students prefer this independent method of instruction at the convenience of their home worksite, or other setting.  Depending on the student, his motivation, interest level, and ability, some courses are better suited for electronic learning (e-learning) than others.  However, most e-learning courses incorporate visual aspects to support the students’ learning.  These include resources like videos, manuals and outlines, along with online support of a tutor.
Students generally progress at their own pace which helps all learners to succeed.  Students have access to learning throughout the duration of the course.  Assignments can be uploaded and students receive feedback online.  This aspect of instruction helps the individual gain certain knowledge/skills in helping with career advancement or personal fulfillment.  As education constantly changes in the 21st century, online learning allows you to learn relevant, updated material and skills almost anywhere in Ireland.

One example of an online study program is the European Computer Driving License (ECDL), the global standard entry level certification for computer literacy.  This certification is recognized in 138 countries with over 5 million people worldwide having completed the coursework.  E-learning adds strength to your current abilities and opens up a world of employment opportunities.

Distant learning is a term used to describe an education received at an off-site location.  This instruction utilizes audio based communication from radio broadcasting and phone conferences to prerecorded audio CDs.  Video based distant learning courses are either prerecorded videos (videos sent to the students to view) or two-way interactive videos (i.e. satellites, camera, and use of computer monitors) enable instructors at one site to communicate with students at another site.

Throughout the country of Ireland, numerous distance learning courses and distance learning colleges cover all areas of study to include business, IT, health and beauty, office skills, education and childcare, electricity, engineering, horticulture, hotel and catering, legal, literature and journalism, manufacturing, art, media, music, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, history, travel and tourism.