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Studies & Degrees in Dutch language and culture (in Universities)

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Foreign languages are now becoming vital as life and career of people are becoming global. People these days go out of their own countries to emerge themselves with other culture either for work or pleasure. Learning Dutch is exciting as it opens up career opportunities for professionals like nurses, teachers, engineers and almost any profession across Europe and other countries.

Dutch language is spoken by over 20 million people in Britain, Netherlands and a part of Belgium. It is also the official language of Suriname in South Africa. Not only it dominated these countries but its popularity is extended to the Caribbean and a portion of Indonesia. Likely the language of the Africans in Namibia is close to Dutch. It is indeed a popular language like English.

Graduates of Dutch language enable them to become fluent and inter culturally competent speaker of it. Dutch fluency coupled with English may help one to find job easily across Europe. Indeed, nurses from other countries who had learned the Dutch language are easily chosen against others who are not familiar with the language. It is believed, it would be a problem in the work place if a foreign professional does not know how to speak Dutch where it is widely spoken. Thus, it is highly recommended to become fluent before one has to join the pool of professionals in countries speaking the language.

Studying Dutch has no prerequisite so anybody who is interested can actually enroll to any universities or colleges across the globe. There are many places to choose from. It can be in the United Kingdom, Spain, and countries outside Europe like United States and other places too. Schools have their own way of approaching the program. Some offer support system with their Dutch library. Others offer DVD to support the actual classroom instruction. Still others conduct it online with actual trainings after learning the basics. It all depends on your preference. What is good in studying Dutch language is that, it can be combined with other programs of your choice so you are shooting 2 birds in one bullet.

Employability in this field is deemed to include a wide range of line of work. One can become an interpreter of the language. Netherlands not to mention other countries speaking the language is a worldwide tourist destination because of its natural landscape and unique culture so interpreters and tourist guides are a good choice of applying the language. Another option for graduates is to become a lecturer or trainer of the language. With the popularity of countries speaking Dutch as working and pleasure destination, many crave to learn the language to be “in” with the country. Other options include being researcher, journalist, script writer, and literary reviewer.

Income and salaries all depend on how you use the language. Business people who want to put up a Dutch language school earn more than those simply doing the interpretation and acting as guides. Nevertheless, no matter what you choose to employ Dutch language, compensation is good.