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Level: Graduate     Location: Madrid
Level: Graduate     Location: Madrid
Level: Graduate     Location: Madrid

The difference between highly successful companies and not so successful companies is not in the structure or the objectives or the business model as all companies possess these things. The real factor that is setting things in motion for a company to blast their way through fame and exponential growth is through effective marketing management. Two companies could have the same product, the same goals, the same company structure but it is always a wonder why the other one is doing better and the other one is always regarded as the inferior brand. It’s because they have different marketing management strategies. Without an effective marketing formula even though having the best, most superior product in the market, a product would just not sell.

Since marketing management is the secret formula, so to speak, of every company’s success, it is just logical that these companies hire people who know a thing or two about marketing, and these are people usually who have a degree in a Marketing Management course.

Those who would be taking up Marketing Management would be taught the science behind the concepts of effective (and not effective) marketing. Majoring in this course would teach students the concepts of branding, launching a product, mass marketing, niche marketing and other types of activities involved that will translate to sales. However, some people without proper Marketing Management education could also become famous in the field of marketing as the products they would be marketing would probably sell on its own. The degree holders’ advantage would always lie in their knowledge on how to conduct a market research on their own. Market research is the lifeblood of this industry. How to take advantage and how to interpret the data to be gathered from these market researches makes and break a career of marketing managers. A company’s marketing strategy would largely depend on how accurately a targeted market segment was researched on. Not necessarily does a company have done a market research one can say that they have gained marketing intelligence. Acquiring marketing intelligence is the other skill Marketing Management courses will teach. From the data acquired from a conducted market research, a good marketing manager would be able to draw conclusions and arrived on a decision on what kind of marketing campaigns to launch for a particular product to sell. Like for instance, according to a market research, 80 % of the total population of male kids age 10-16 years old play basketball and that 50% of those like to play as good as Michael Jordan. To take advantage of this data, a sports drink maker or a sneaker company would want to get Michael Jordan to endorse their product that could target this market segment. Also, a good marketing manager would take into account the viewing habits of kids so they could make their placements of commercials be shown on the times when they are watching TV.

Opportunities for Marketing Management graduates are plenty. All companies have products or a service to sell and almost all of them have a marketing department. Advertising agencies are perhaps the most financially rewarding because they pay the most and it is a widely known fact that the best in the field are usually working in advertising agencies. Another advantage of finishing this course is that one can readily set out on their own if one has a product and the confidence to compete with the established ones.