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Business Communication is communication being used in the promotions of a service or a product or an organization which involves relaying information internally in the business, it also involves dealing with similar and legal issues.

Business Communication is simply known as “communications" used in promotions with the goal of establishing a sale. It covers different topics consisting of branding, marketing, consumer behavior, consumer relations, public relations, advertising, corporate engagement, corporate communication, reputation management, research and measurement, employee engagement, interpersonal communication, event management and online communication. It is much related to other areas of technical communication and professional communication, but whatever form it has, the goal is intact, and that is to establish a sale.

Business communication has several methods which are:

• Emails –serve as medium for instant worldwide written communication

• Web-based communication – for improved communication anywhere and anytime

• Reports – for documentation purpose of any groups

• Presentations – most known method of communication which make used of copies or reports presented in computerized presentations.

• Teleconferencing - for long distance business communication

• Forum boards – instant posting of information in one location

• Meetings – personal discussions and well documented with a written follow up.

In the world of business, the term communications covers a variety of communication channels, which include print, television, radio, ambient media, Internet and even word of mouth. Business Communication can also be referred to as internal communication wherein which a communications director will on average manage the internal communication and create messages delivered to the employees. It is very important that internal communications are handled properly given that a badly created or passed message has the potential to advance to hostility or distrust amongst employees.

Communication is considered a two-way street. It does not only involve having to convey ones ideas with clarity, but one should also be able to listen closely and attentively in order to grasp and understand the ideas of others at the same time. A number of people can well communicate either in speech or writing but it is very much seldom that they can do both. The furtive is to be able to transfer what one has done well to the other.

The area of Business Communication is a universal topic which is included in the Masters of Business Administration set of courses in many universities in addition to many community universities and colleges which offer degrees in the area of communications. The focus of communication management in the Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication trains and hones the graduates for a career in management of human resource departments, public relations, business and general office management as well as negotiation and representation. Students will take programs which will study the models of Business Communication as well as in dealing with issues in relation to communication.

The courses in Business Communication program will center on the development of effective ways in conveying information both internally and externally of a government agency or department or a company. The students will also take courses on ethics, business management, legal issues, development and training courses and financial management and planning. Courses will be theoretical and practical in design in order to fashion out opportunities for the students to integrate what they have learned into practical applications which they can utilize once they are in their workplaces.