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Sports Medicine is one field of the health sciences that deals with treatment and management of athletes. This includes training and injury prevention, addressing sports- related conditions and the overall physical conditioning of the body for participation in various types of athletic events. Modern sports medicine also aims to develop and improve the athlete’s performance during an event by modifying diet, exercise and health supplements to supply the more than average demand of an athlete’s body.

Sports Medicine has its early beginnings as far back as the 5th century in the ancient areas of Greece and Rome as a program for young athletes who were not properly conditioned and therefore suffer frequent injuries. It started as physical education, which focused on the tenets of proper training and conditioning for sports. It allowed many young athletes to properly perform exercises, control their activities and increase their overall performance. Herodicus began distinct training regimens to prevent and heal injuries and Galen also served as a doctor assigned in monitoring gladiators during the 2nd century. During this period, physicians were only concerned with injuries when they occurred and not to help in prevention. Starting in the 1968 summer Olympics Dr. J.C. Kennedy organized the first team of doctors to travel with the Canadian athletes to monitor their health and performance. This first shed light on the need for sports doctors during athletic events to maintain the overall wellness of the teams. Many sports doctors are now involved in treating and preventing injuries but also with regular check- ups and testing to make certain that athletes are at their top performing shape. Some teams view the use of a sports medicine team as an unnecessary expense, but most teams consider it crucial to have their athletes monitored. Today, the constant care provided for the athletes have dramatically decreased the number of sports injuries and improved their quality of life. Many developments are still being utilized to further improve prevention of injury and permanent damages to the body especially with intense forms of exercises and sports. Most athletic teams now travel with their own medical teams and more athletes are now cooperating and are willing to work with their sports physicians to improve their game and their health.

Sports physicians as well as the members of a sports medicine team can be involved with athletic training, or planning and monitoring of the exercise routines and nutrition of athletes for better performance. Strength and conditioning or helping the athlete determine the goals to be attained with exercise, gradual increase of strength through training and the best condition of the athlete to be able to gain top performance. Another branch is Human performance or training of the athlete to adapt to the demands of a specific sport and improve the execution of activities. Another important area is the athletic equipments, of finding the right equipment to protect and improve the performance of athletes and to develop the current equipment being utilized.

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