Ayurveda Schools and Programs in Spain


A traditional system of Indian medicine, Ayurveda means the science of life and youth. It is a blend of science and philosophy that treats the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual constituents necessary for a holistic health. Ayurveda essentially believes that everything in the universe, including ourselves, is made up of vibrating energy. The aim is to live in a way that fosters a balance of energies. Bircham University’s Ayurveda program investigates the multiple elements of detoxification, diet, exercise, herbs and practices that work together and contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Subjects covered on this course include: Natural Health Science, Holistic Nutrition, Diets & Fasting, Ayurveda - Science of Life, Manual Therapies / Massage, Physical Therapy, Colon Therapy, Biochemical Organic Balance, Therapeutic Physiology, Yoga Therapy, Herbology / Phyto therapy & Ayurvedic Medicine. The Ayurveda course is available at Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctoral) Degree program levels.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Villanueva de la Cañada