French Language and Literature (in Language Schools) Schools and Programs in Bordeaux, France

Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine

Bordeaux, France
Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine is a specialized institution, offering intensive and extensive French courses all year round. Based in the heart of Bordeaux, the school accepts students from all skill levels and strives to ensure a pleasant, fulfilling experience for French learners. Lessons are conducted by highly experienced and qualified teachers, who apply innovative technologies to make lessons interactive and dynamic. Another point is that the Alliance Française holds the ’French as a Foreign Language Quality label’ awarded by the State. Accommodation is offered in hosts... See full description.

B. L. S. - Escuela de Francés

Bordeaux, France
B.L.S. is an organization, specializing in the provision of French language courses in Bordeaux and Biarritz, France. The French learning options are diverse, and include standard French, intensive French, private French, French & Surf, French & Golf, French & Bordeaux Wine, and other interesting opportunities. Some of the programs are specifically targeted at youngsters, and others are available for adults and children above the age of 16. The school makes sure to organize a good range of cultural activities, too, meaning that students will be fully immersed in the French culture and... See full description.