Language Courses Schools and Programs in Munich, Germany

DeutschAkademie, München

Munich, Germany
The Deutsch Academy Munich is a German language learning institute situated in the city central of Munich. The teachers at the institute are committed and have academic qualification to teach German language to foreigners. There are 12 levels of language proficiency and the students are assigned to their respective level according to the assessment test taken, which is free of charge. The teaching methodology focuses on regular feedback & individual attention provided to students. Besides, the classes consist of small groups ranging from 5 to 10 students maximum per class. The... See full description.

Goethe Institut

Munich, Germany
Goethe Institut is a German language teaching institution located in Germany. It operates centers all over the country including in the capital city, Berlin. Courses here are taught effectively by well qualified teachers according to the European Framework of Reference for languages with a goal directed towards improving the students’ understanding of German language based on enhancing their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Courses are provided according to the individual’s field of interest and they consist of intensive courses, premium courses, special courses... See full description.

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