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Canterbury Consulting Spain is a renowned language school in Madrid. Since 1994 we have been involved in language teaching, teacher training, summer camps and creating and implementing international exchange programmes. We are associated with the Chartered College of Teaching, United Kingdom, as a founding member and examination center of the most popular international exams, TOEFL IBTand heTOEIC. We have over 25 years offering high quality in our courses (with native teachers and affordable) so that all students can maximize their studies. TEFL COURSE PROGRM The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification to teach English abroad. The Canterbury International TEFL Certification Course received its full accreditation at International TESOL Level 5 in 2009. Spanish Adventures Program Details 2019/2020 COST: 990 EUROS with a six month student visa & free visa renewal. 1- Six months of Spanish classes. There are Spanish teachers available at the school for three hours every day from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm that cover three Spanish levels, usually from absolute beginners to an A2 level. Students choose the level that best suits them. Thus, students usually have between one to three hours of Spanish every day or an average of ten hours a week. The class size is approximately six to eight students. 2- Setting up an appointment to get your NIE number (legal Spanish identification). With this number you can sign a contract to rent an apartment, open up a bank account, etc. 3- Help with the paperwork for your Spanish Social Security Number 4- Information packs and various maps for Madrid. 5- Contact details to send your CV to hundreds of other English language schools. 6- Orientation on market hiring conditions such as pay rates, contract conditions and job interviews. 7- Orientation on interviewing at other schools to complete your schedule (a full-time schedule is between 20 and 25 hours of teaching a week). 8- For those who would like to work for Canterbury Consulting Spain, a personal resume (CV) session with the Director of CCS. 9- Opening a bank account in Madrid. 10- Through the Spanish Adventures Club, meeting other graduates, making friends and building up a social network of ex-pats living in Madrid. During the Spanish Adventures course you become part of a family, a real bona-fide home away from home. GUARANTEED JOB INFORMATION When you arrive in Madrid and begin the Spanish Adventures Course, you will be eligible to receive ENGLISH class offers. This is important, because with this course you can be earning money in Madrid at the same time. It is a huge factor as it will help you to study Spanish while being able to support yourself as well. Canterbury consulting Spain takes the job hunting stress and uncertainty out of your life and guarantees a job so that you can enjoy Spain and learning Spanish. the Spanish Adventures Course will provide you with invaluable tools as well as our numerous contacts for classes in companies, and with adults and children.

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  • Education
    • Education
    • Language Teaching
    • Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language
    • Teacher Training for Foreign Languages
    • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • English for Specific Purposes
    • Spanish as a Second Language
    • English for Academic Purposes
    • Spanish for specific purposes
    • business
    • tourism
    • health or law
    • English for Work Purposes
    • English for Teacher Certification
    • English Courses
    • Spanish Language and Culture
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
  • Social and Cultural studies
    • Language and Culture
    • Spanish Culture and Society
    • European Studies
    • Cultural Studies
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