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Ecuador, officially known as the Republic of Ecuador, is a country in South America, with a total land area of approximately 109,000 square miles.  The nation shares borders with Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  The total land area of Ecuador also includes the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific.  Save for Chile, Ecuador is the only country in South America that does not border the geographically mammoth country of Brazil.  The capital and government center of Ecuador is Quito, but the largest city in the country is Guayaquil.
Ecuador has a total population of just over 15 million.  Ethnically, just over 65 percent of the population self identify as Mestizo—a combination of Amerindian and European ancestry, particularly Spanish, but also Italian, Portuguese, French, German, English and Irish.  An estimated 25 percent of the population is of Native American descent, and the remainder consists of whites, mostly European, at 7 percent, and blacks, who were brought to the country as slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, at 3 percent.  An overwhelming majority of the Ecuadorian population, 95 percent, is Roman Catholic, with the remainder practicing one of the many Protestant religions, including people who are Methodists, Presbyterians and Anglicans. The official language in Ecuador is Spanish, and is spoken by the majority of its people.  It is used in all official government capacities and is the language of instruction in all Ecuadorian public schools (some private schools offer instruction in English).
Education in Ecuador

Education is very important to the people of Ecuador, although access to the system is not very equitable.  Under the Ecuadorian constitution, children are required to attend school until they obtain at least a “basic level of education,” which, according to the current government, takes 9 years, for children between the ages of 6 and 15.  Last year the government reported that the net enrollment rate in the country’s primary schools was approximately 97 percent, with roughly 70 percent of school children remaining in school until they are promoted to the secondary level.  However, these numbers, say critics, do not accurately reflect current enrollment rates in Ecuador.  Studies show that only about 10 percent of Ecuadorian children living in the poorer and more rural areas of the country attend school beyond the fifth grade. 
Education in Ecuador is overseen by the national government, and is implemented at the municipal level.  The system features both primary and secondary schools, and while education is said to be free at both of these levels, parents of school-aged children often have to pay fees for things like school uniforms and materials, as well as transportation costs.  The country boasts both public and private schools at every level, with the private schools generally being held in higher esteem than their public counterparts.  The reasons for this are many (quality instructors, better resources, etc), but it mainly comes down to funding.  There are too few schools to meet the large demand, and public primary schools often face insufficient space and large class sizes. Grades and test scores seem to mirror these inadequacies, as both tend to fall far well below national, South American and global standards.
Higher education in Ecuador, which is available at a cost for all students who earn a high school diploma, is provided by 61 universities in the country, some of which still confer terminal degrees, based on the old Spanish model of higher education.  The rest of Ecuador’s universities have recently switched to a more standardized and globally-aligned credit and degree structure, following the recent lead of most countries in the European Union.  This system now offers 3-year Bachelor degrees, 2-year Master’s Degrees and 3-5 Year Doctorate or PhD Degrees in a variety of major academic fields, ranging from accounting, biology and business to education, medicine and the law.

For additional information see:
Ecuador’s Ministry of Education (site in Spanish only)

Language Courses in Ecuador

Spanish is the official language of Ecuador. More than 13 million people in the country speak Spanish. Apart from Spanish, 23 languages like Zapora, Quichua, Waorani and Langua languages are also spoken by Ecuador people. English is the most commonly spoken foreign language among professionals and tourist service providers in the country. Learning Spanish is beneficial for individuals who want to keep pace with the popular Ecuador culture. For many others, learning Spanish in Ecuador is a business necessity.

Benefits of Spanish Study in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country brimming with culture and astounding natural beauty. It boasts of historic colonial architecture, volcanic peaks and pristine forests. Ecuador is one of the few nations that remain unaffected by modernity. Students, professionals and tourists who study Spanish can understand the Ecuador culture better and communicate with locals easily. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Learning Spanish offers them an opportunity to communicate with Ecuador people and many more in other Spanish speaking countries like Argentina, Spain, Peru and Venezuela. Another important reason to study Spanish is that it increases employment opportunities. Spanish speaking Hispanic consumers are the fastest growing market segment in America. Learning Spanish can also help business people to expand their business and profits.

Learning Spanish will thoroughly transform the travel experience of tourists who visit Ecuador. They can get an opportunity to explore unique places in Ecuador and get to know the local people, their culture and taste. Learning Spanish can open up many doors to enjoy and immerse into the culture and literature of various countries. The individuals who study Spanish can enjoy reading a good book in Spanish, listening to traditional music in Spanish language and watching some excellent movie.

Ecuador is one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish language, because it is the country where accent free Spanish is spoken.  There are plenty of benefits of learning Spanish in Ecuador. Knowing the local language and communicating with the locals can help students explore Ecuador’s stunning tourist offerings. Spanish studies offer an extraordinary educational and adventurous experience.

Classes and courses for learning Spanish

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador is one of the best destinations to study Spanish language. The city is a bustling cultural center, where both the local students and immigrants find many language schools to study Spanish. Ecuador language schools offer various programs, including one to one programs and group courses. Immersion courses are also available that make Spanish studies easy and enjoyable. These courses make students, professionals, business people and tourists functionally literate for travelling in any Spanish speaking nation. They can learn the basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation and get enough practice in conversation.

The duration of learning Spanish depends on the program chosen by the individual. It may range from days to weeks or months. Some professional programs include general language courses and vocational courses. Specialized courses are also offered, by language schools in Ecuador, to suit the exact requirements of various students and professionals. Online programs are also available, which help individuals to learn Spanish more comfortably.

Schools that offer language courses in Ecuador

Academia Latinoamericana de Español - Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia

Quito, Ecuador
Academia Latinoamericana is a privately owned non-profit organization, focused on the promotion of education, culture and knowledge. The school offers a variety of Spanish language courses in Quito, Ecuador, Cusco, Peru, and Sucre, Bolivia. It has also recently developed options in Business, Sciences, Entrepreneurial Development, English as a Second Language and general Liberal Arts Studies, including coursework in History, Indigenous Culture, Medical Vocabulary and more. Service Learning, Internships, North American university credits and custom programs on a year-round basis are... See full description.

AHStudies professional - Intercultural Communication World

Quito, Ecuador is an organization, established in Ecuador in 1996. It offers online Spanish lessons and one-to-one lessons or tuition in small groups around Ecuador, in the main cities, in the jungle, and on the coast. Courses range from basic to advanced level, and there are specialized options in D.E.L.E Training, Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, as well as Spanish for traveling and Conversation. An interesting program of extra-curricular activities is organized, too, with a combination with various volunteer and internship opportunities.

Ailola Galapagos Spanish School

Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Ecuador
Not far from the Ecuadorian mainland, 100-year old tortoises roam lazily about majestic island beaches. As the biggest of their species on earth, you might not think you'll fit. Wrong! We've got a spot on the beach for you, plus the chance to learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands! Our Spanish Language School offers Spanish Courses, Volunteerings and Travelling Classrooms on the Galapasgos Islands. Established in 1988, Ailola Galapagos is a leading Spanish language school in Ecuador designed especially for the needs of foreign students. Ailola Galapagos has a well-earned reputation... See full description.

Ailola Otavalo Spanish School

Otavalo, Ecuador
They’ve been called the most successful Amerindian community in Latin America. The Otavaeños, with their famous craft market and thriving local economy, are waiting for you 2 hours north of Quito for an experience like no other. Learn spanish in Otavalo, take a traveling classroom or be part in a volunteeringprogram!

Ailola Quito Spanish School

Quito, Ecuador
Established in 1988, Ailola Quito is a leading Spanish language school in Ecuador designed especially for the needs of foreign students. Ailola Quito has a well-earned reputation for academic excellence in teaching Spanish to foreigners of all ages. We take great pride in our teachers: they are university-educated and have many years of experience. Our programs are affordable, flexible and allow you to easily combine locations throughout Ecuador. We offe individal and group classes, traveling classrooms and volunteerprograms.

Banana Spanish School

Quito, Ecuador
Banana Spanish School is a Spanish language school based in Ecuador. Run by a team of highly experienced, well-qualified teachers, the school offers a warm welcoming environment and excellent educational opportunities for people from all over the globe. The school’s students include pupils, volunteers, lawyers, biologists, architects, teachers, engineers, tourists, and more. Classes are held in Quito as well as the Puerto Lopez, in the Amazon Jungle, Tena, Coca, and the Galapagos Islands. The Spanish classes are executed either in a one-to-one study environment or in small groups of 2-4... See full description.

Bipo & Toni's Spanish Academy

Quito, Ecuador
Bipo & Toni's Spanish Academy is a specialized Spanish language school located in Quito, Ecuador. The institution’s main mission is to bring together continents, cultures and languages. It has been following this vision since its founding in 1983. The school offers various Spanish classes, and options include standard Spanish, intensive Spanish, a Traveler’s Crash Course, as well as Spanish for specific purposes. Students are promised a personal approach and a welcoming, amiable atmosphere. The school building itself has a video room, a library, and a restaurant, organizing many... See full description.

Clara Luna Spanish School

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Claura Luna is a Spanish school founded in 2008. It provides opportunity to potential students to learn the Spanish language and also to have a great time in Ecuador by experiencing cultures dating back 5000 years, dry and rain forest, watching whales, preparing Ecuadorian food and working on farms. The school is situated on the south of the beach in Puerto Lopez. The classroom opens the horizons to watch different species of seabirds and local dry forest, while learning Spanish. At Clara Luna every teacher holds certification from IE Institute for Spanish teaching. Also the teachers are... See full description.

Cristobal Colon Spanish School

Quito, Ecuador
Cristobal Colon is a Spanish language school based in Quito, Ecuador and it was founded in 1997. The school believes in teaching one-to-one as the students learn better and faster but group sessions are also an option. The teaching approach at the school is 25% grammar, 25% exercises and 50% conversation practice. There are three basic courses offered by the school: Intensive course (for travelling purpose), Regular course (learning Spanish progressively), and Perfection course (Spanish for proficiency). The school is accredited by Ecuador’s Ministry of Education. The accommodation... See full description.

Ecole Idiomas, Academia de Español

Quito, Ecuador
Ecole Idiomas is a Dutch-owned Spanish school and volunteer platform based in the Mariscal neighbourhood in Quito - Ecuador. The school offers Spanish classes at all levels, tailoring them to the students’ specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, Ecole Idiomas manages a platform for volunteer programs within Ecuador. A good variety of projects are available, and participants can choose their location – in Quito, highlands, coast, jungle and the Galapagos Islands. Volunteering participants get a complete information package and can come to Ecole Idiomas anytime during their stay... See full description.

Ecuador Spanish Schools

Manta, Ecuador
Ecuador Spanish Schools is a specialized organization focused on designing and executing Spanish language courses in Equador. The school offers a wide range of programs in Manta, Quito, Montanita and Cuenca. Some examples of the options offered include Spanish and Surfing, Spanish and Windsurfing, Spanish and Volunteering, a Medical Spanish program, and others. Group and private tuition options are both available, all led by friendly well-qualified and experienced teachers.

Elemental courses & travel

Quito, Ecuador
ELEMENTAL courses & travel is a language center in Ecuador, providing a different experience for visitors of Ecuador. The organization has made available culture immersion travel opportunities with housing by Ecuadorian families and Spanish lessons. The options available include Live Online Spanish lessons; one to one Spanish lessons; Spanish lessons in the jungle; and Spanish lessons on the beach. A bunch of extracurricular activities are organized, too, including visits to museums, hiking trips, ciy tours, ecotours, and others.

Elep Spanish Language School

Quito, Ecuador
ELEP Spanish Language School is a Spanish immersion program, organized in Ecuador, Latin America. The center is focused on designing and providing Spanish courses at any level -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. ELEP Spanish Language School is organized by a group of professionals from diverse fields, who have gained years of experience in education and cultural studies. They are striving to ensure customized options for individuals and groups, who wish to learn Spanish. The school claims that Ecuador is one of the best places to improve one’s Spanish, because of its amiable... See full description.

Equinox Spanish School

Quito, Ecuador
Equinox Spanish School is a Spanish language school in Ecuador, founded in 1986. This means it is one of the first Spanish schools in Quito. The institution takes special pride in their friendly, fully qualified staff. Equinox has embraced up-to-date teaching standards, advanced technology, and have built a large library to ensure the best possible learning experience for their students! The school offers a great variety of teaching programs to suit all needs and requirements – both for beginners and advanced students. Options include Academic Spanish, TESOL, Service Learning, and... See full description.

Galapagos Spanish School

Quito, Ecuador
Galapagos Spanish School started work in 1989 and is a Spanish Language teaching school located in Quito, Ecuador. The school was created with a specific goal of educating people with the Spanish language, culture and tradition in order to create a successful crosslink between nationalities of different languages globally. The school is one of the best of its kind in Ecuador, providing a guaranteed 1 to 1 teaching experience with highly experienced and qualified teachers interchanged on weekly basis. Spanish courses are offered at all levels required with courses for teachers also... See full description.

Spanish Learning Program Amazon

Study Spanish in the Shuar Territory. We want offer you different options as studying the language in a very quiet place, opportunities to get know and share more about Shuar people, and the most important is, taking Spanish classes with us that have experience and kind and gentle treatment.

Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Ecuador

There are over 300 vocational schools and career colleges in Ecuador that offer employment oriented training for various industries. However, there is a gender based discrepancy on the kind of vocational training available. Women in Ecuador are primarily taught traditional female work in the service sector, such as dress making and crafts. The overall development of vocational education is also low in the country and most courses focus on imparting skills in tailoring or embroidery.

The National Polytechnic School in Quito city was established to increase the research and technical skill levels in the country. This public vocational institute offers certificate programs to train students in various areas of study, including engineering and science and technology.  There are some other universities with polytechnics in Ecuador, but the range of courses offered is still limited.

The public school system in the country pays more attention to academic education and vocational education is often neglected. However, the employment opportunities for academic oriented education are lower in the country. This increases the need for reforms in vocational training.  The government is taking initiatives in collaboration with other countries to raise the quality as well as quantity of vocational courses offered in the country.

Diploma Vocational Education in Ecuador

Vocational schools in Ecuador offer diploma courses in specialized fields, like, domestic science, craft making accounting, electrician and teaching. These courses help students acquire practical skills in major labor markets. Students can join these courses upon completing their lower secondary schooling. Such vocational courses last for two to three years, and students are awarded diploma certificates upon successful completion. Popular vocational courses in Ecuador include computing, industrial engineering, dental technology, dental hygiene, engineering drawing, and engine maintenance.

Post graduate Vocational Education in Ecuador

Those who have obtained a diploma can go on to join a post graduate vocational course in the area of their specialization. These courses provide an advanced specialization in an employment oriented field. Some polytechnic schools in Ecuador specialize in areas of electrical and mechanical engineering. Obtaining vocational training in such fields enables and equips students for better job opportunities.

Career colleges and vocational education institutes in Ecuador are still in a nascent stage of development. However, the increasing demand for a skilled workforce has encouraged the government to focus on this direction, and many students are now enrolling into vocational training programs for improving their skills and employability.

Online degree, online courses and distance learning schools in Ecuador

Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America. It is renowned for its rich culture and natural beauty. Higher education sector is in the budding stage in Ecuador. Many external forces, including economic and political conditions have challenged the progress of higher education. The cost of higher education is very low in public universities. However, private institutions charge high tuition fees. Though admission criteria vary from institution to institution, all the public universities require students to have passed their secondary school exams with satisfactory grades. Online degrees and courses are designed to help students who do not get admission into the degree program of their choice. In Ecuador, the number of under graduates that go on to pursue graduation courses and doctorate courses are extremely low. Only some of the university professors have a master’s degree, and a few have a doctoral degree. Online degrees and distant learning schools in Ecuador can help increase the number of people pursuing higher education.

Nowadays, many universities in Ecuador are changing to adapt to the changes of today’s technological world. Online degree programs and courses offer an opportunity to those who find it difficult to attend traditional schools to complete a degree and enhance their career prospects. Bachelors, Master’s and Doctorate are the popular online degree programs offered by universities in Ecuador. Language courses are offered by some reputable institutions that help students build their language skills conveniently.

Online Degrees and Courses in Ecuador

Online degrees and courses in various disciplines are offered by various universities in Ecuador. Bachelor’s degree programs are offered in accounting, information technology, business management, marketing, computer science and so on. Some institutions offer the degree programs entirely online, whereas some others require students to attend a certain number in classroom or face to face sessions. Most of the students that take online courses complete them within three years.

Spanish programs are the most popular online courses in Ecuador. Basic, intermediate and advanced courses are offered by institutions; and students can choose the program that best suits their skill level. Spanish language online programs are ideal for travelers, business people, students and professionals from other countries.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is another popular online course that teaches the students various techniques and methods of teaching English to non-native English speakers. The course programs take two months or more to complete. Online courses are much cheaper than the traditional programs. The course program prepares students in various areas, such as teaching English reading, teaching English writing, pronunciation and classroom management.

Distance learning schools in Ecuador

Some universities in Ecuador collaborate with universities in other countries, especially those in the United States, to offer distance learning programs. Spanish teacher training courses are offered by some distance learning schools, which help domestic and foreign candidates to get into the profession of teaching Spanish. Students receive course materials from Distance learning institutions that include the theory of each subject. These courses are the best option for those who do not have time to attend a daily classroom course. The length of the course varies from institution to institution. However, it typically lasts for 60 hours.

Primary and Secondary Schools in Ecuador

The education system of Ecuador consists of primary, secondary and tertiary education. The constitution of Ecuador mandates all children to receive primary education. The constitution makes it compulsory for all children in Ecuador to attend basic schooling for nine years. Primary and secondary education is free in Ecuador. 95 per cent of all children in Ecuador enroll into primary schools at the age of six. However, 25 per cent of them drop out of school by the end of fifth grade. There are more than 1,000 primary schools and 35 secondary schools in Ecuador. The teacher to student ratio is 1: 23.  The Ministry of Education regulates primary and secondary education in Ecuador.

In order to improve the quality of primary education, Ecuador has plans to invest in various resources. This would help the number of students who have completed secondary school to enroll into higher education programs.

Primary schools in Ecuador

Children in Ecuador can start attending preprimary school at the age of four. However, only the primary education from the age of six to fourteen is compulsory. There are not many schools in the country for preschool education. Most of the primary schools in Ecuador use Spanish as the medium of instruction. Some schools use both English and Spanish. Bilingual education system is a challenge for children in rural areas. Spanish, Math and English are the main subjects taught to primary school kids. They learn basic reading and writing along with some other subjects like science, history, natural science and geography. Art and music are also taught in all primary schools.

20 per cent of primary schools in Ecuador are run privately. Some private, nonprofit primary schools offer US based education system. Although instruction is given in English in these schools, students also learn Spanish. ‘English-as-a-Second-Language’ classes are offered to students, whose level of English proficiency is low. In addition, art, music and physical education are also offered at these schools.

Secondary Schools in Ecuador

Secondary education in Ecuador is free till Grade nine. The starting age of secondary education is 12. Secondary education is divided into two three year cycles- grades 6 7, 8 and grades 9, 10 and 11. The secondary schools in Ecuador prepare students for higher education. Students learn English, Spanish, physics, chemistry, history of Ecuador, Geography of Ecuador, world history, mathematics and natural sciences. After ninth grade, parents need to pay certain school fees. In the last three year cycle, the students can choose major subjects, such as computer science, mathematics, social studies or science.

The enrollment of students in private schools for secondary education in Ecuador is on the rise. Some secondary schools or college preparatory schools in Ecuador offer International Baccalaureate programs, middle year and diploma.  Private schools are mainly based in urban areas.

The students can choose the program, according to their interest. The secondary school programs differ with institutions, and the curriculum comprises various subjects.

Secondary schools in Ecuador face a variety of issues, including inadequately trained teachers, restrictive teaching methods, emphasis upon university preparation and shortage of libraries and laboratories and so on. The Government is taking initiatives to reduce these issues.

Cities to study in Ecuador

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