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About Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Ecuador

There are over 300 vocational schools and career colleges in Ecuador that offer employment oriented training for various industries. However, there is a gender based discrepancy on the kind of vocational training available. Women in Ecuador are primarily taught traditional female work in the service sector, such as dress making and crafts. The overall development of vocational education is also low in the country and most courses focus on imparting skills in tailoring or embroidery.

The National Polytechnic School in Quito city was established to increase the research and technical skill levels in the country. This public vocational institute offers certificate programs to train students in various areas of study, including engineering and science and technology.  There are some other universities with polytechnics in Ecuador, but the range of courses offered is still limited.

The public school system in the country pays more attention to academic education and vocational education is often neglected. However, the employment opportunities for academic oriented education are lower in the country. This increases the need for reforms in vocational training.  The government is taking initiatives in collaboration with other countries to raise the quality as well as quantity of vocational courses offered in the country.

Diploma Vocational Education in Ecuador

Vocational schools in Ecuador offer diploma courses in specialized fields, like, domestic science, craft making accounting, electrician and teaching. These courses help students acquire practical skills in major labor markets. Students can join these courses upon completing their lower secondary schooling. Such vocational courses last for two to three years, and students are awarded diploma certificates upon successful completion. Popular vocational courses in Ecuador include computing, industrial engineering, dental technology, dental hygiene, engineering drawing, and engine maintenance.

Post graduate Vocational Education in Ecuador

Those who have obtained a diploma can go on to join a post graduate vocational course in the area of their specialization. These courses provide an advanced specialization in an employment oriented field. Some polytechnic schools in Ecuador specialize in areas of electrical and mechanical engineering. Obtaining vocational training in such fields enables and equips students for better job opportunities.

Career colleges and vocational education institutes in Ecuador are still in a nascent stage of development. However, the increasing demand for a skilled workforce has encouraged the government to focus on this direction, and many students are now enrolling into vocational training programs for improving their skills and employability.

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