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Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Quito, Ecuador
EscuelaPolitecniicaNacional (aka National Polytechnic School) is a public school created on August 27, 1869 by President Garcia Mereno, In Quito, Ecuador. The school emphasizes on their relentless effort towards creating a high standard of education for their students in the fields of science, technology and innovation. The institution also shows strict intolerance to discrimination of any kind and particularly frowns at racism. Academic faculties include Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Geology and Petroleum just to state a... See full description.

Universidad Internacional SEK Ecuador

Carcelén, Ecuador
The Universidad international SEK Ecuador, is a private institution with two campuses, Miguel de Cervantes, in Carcelén and Juan Montalvo, in Guápulo. Its academic programs are 34 degrees, taught in 9 faculties: Architecture and Planning, Environmental Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences Legal and Social Sciences, Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Systems and Telecommunications, Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

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About universities in Ecuador

Higher education in Ecuador is regulated by the government along with the National Secretary of Science and Technology. There are more than 60 public and private universities in Ecuador, and 300 vocational and professional educational institutions. Most of the universities in Ecuador bestow degree programs based on the traditional Spanish education system. The country has some of the oldest universities, dating back to the 15th and 16th century. The higher education system in Ecuador is similar to the education system in other Latin American countries. It consists of three stages
  • Under graduation or Bachelor’s degree program
  • Graduation or Master’s degree program
  • Doctoral degrees
Bachelor’s Program in Ecuador

The universities in Ecuador offer undergraduate courses in various disciplines. The title obtained by students on completing this level is called “Bachelor of the Republic” in Ecuador.  Public universities offer these courses for free. Bachelor’s students can also avail university scholarships. Those who have successfully completed their secondary school or college can enroll into the bachelor’s degree program at a university in Ecuador. Students pursuing a bachelor’s in Science can choose from various specializations, such as mathematics, biology, physics or chemistry, depending on the discipline they take in recent years. Similarly, the students who want to enroll into a bachelor’s degree in commerce, agriculture, technical and administration fields need to have taken the respective discipline in recent years of high school or junior college.

Unified General Baccalaureate has been applicable from 2011 at universities in Ecuador. Under this, students are required to attend a common core of general subjects for the initial phase of their bachelor’s studies and later select either a bachelor’s degree in science or technical baccalaureate, depending on the school they have studied.

Bachelor’s degree lasts for three to four years, depending on the focus of study.

Master’s degree in Ecuador

Most of the universities and colleges in Ecuador offer Master’s degree programs, while the private training centers offer professional degree programs. Those who have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree can get admission for a master’s degree program. Master’s degree programs in Ecuador typically last for two years.  In Ecuador, the teachers in higher education are required to hold a master’s degree in the subject they teach, in order to get promoted as full time teachers.

Some colleges in Ecuador offer masters’ degree programs in business administration. Those who have completed a master’s degree with excellent academic record and have an interest in research can join post graduate or doctoral degree programs.

Doctoral Degree in Ecuador

Universities and recognized private institutions in Ecuador offer doctoral degree programs. They last for three to five years, according to the field of study.

In order to improve the quality of higher education in Ecuador, the national committee of accreditation has been designed. It ensures that all the universities comply with the legal requirements and curriculum development. Fundacyt is another noteworthy organization in Ecuador that is dedicated to improving education in science and technology fields. This organization funds science and technology research, and helps university students to enroll into the master’s and PhD degree programs. Biotechnology, health, genetic research and biological engineering are the significant fields that are focused on by the Ecuador government.

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