Universities in Salamanca, Spain

Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
El Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca es un conservatorio oficial y de carácter público, en el que se imparten enseñanzas musicales de grado superior en diferentes materias e instrumentos. El Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca imparte también ,desde el curso 1998/99, interesantes programas de postgrado en diferentes áreas musicales. Somos el Centro pionero en la implantación del Grado Superior LOGSE en España, encarando por ello el futuro con serenidad, empeño y un proyecto dinámico, a partir de la plataforma de lanzamiento que le presta el nuevo edificio... See full description.

Instituto Superior de Estudios Europeos y Derechos Humanos

Salamanca, Spain
The Pontifical University of Salamanca is a private, catholic university, located in Salamanca, Spain. It has campus locations both in Salamanca and Madrid. The university offers a good diversity of programs, some of which are Physical Education and Sports, Audiovisual Communication, Nursing, Philosophy, Speech Therapy, Master in Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Advertising and PR, and others. The school also makes available Spanish Courses, Summer Courses, and DECA Training programs.


The InterLenguis School in Salamanca is one of the most modern schools located in the centre of the city, very close to the city centre, a few meters from the shopping streets and only 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor. Near the school you will find the points of greatest cultural interest in the city. The aim of our school is to teach Spanish to those international students who wish not only to learn our language but also to live it from inside, as well as our customs and lifestyles. InterLenguis assures you a unique opportunity to enjoy during your stay and learn like nowhere else.

Universidad de Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
The University of Salamanca is a Spanish institution of higher learning, established back in 1134 as a "General School of the Kingdom"; it is the oldest university in Spain and the fourth oldest European university in operation. The school is located in the town of Salamanca, which is west of Madrid and close to Portugal. The University of Salamanca is the first institution in Europe to be named ‘a university’, and still has many advantages that distinguish it from other schools: it is very well known for its Spanish courses for non-native speakers, attracting over two thousand... See full description.

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