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Masters Degrees, Graduate Studies and Professional Programs in France

American Business School Paris

Paris, France
The American Business School Paris was established in 1985, while in 1995 it merged with Institut de Gestion Sociale, one of France’s most respected private universities. The American Business school offers educational opportunities, which are structured around the American academic system. The school strives to produce future business leaders, who have good cultural awareness and an international way of perceiving the world around them. This is why students are prompted to take initiatives and work in multicultural teams. Except for its accreddited bachelor’s degree in Business... See full description.

American Graduate School in Paris

Paris, France
Located in the center of Paris, the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers American higher education programs to students from around the world. AGS is a “boutique” school that concentrates all of the qualities of a top rate educational institution in an intimate, multicultural learning environment offering personalized attention to each student. AGS specializes in International Relations and Diplomacy. Paris being an ideal location to study this discipline, courses take advantage of the resources available through guest talks, site visits, and internship... See full description.

Centre International D'etudes Francaises Universite de Bourgogne

Esplanade Erasme
BURGUNDY Come and discover, in the very heart of Europe, a region rich in history and boasting a centuries-old heritage. With its flourishing architectural past, art and gastronomy, the whole spectrum of French culture is represented here, a fitting background for our world-famous Burgundy wines. DIJON The historical capital, a mere 1h40 train-ride from Paris, is also a modern university town and a thriving economic centre for the region. THE UNIVERSITY On the campus of the University of Burgundy, 25.000 students are offered a full range of higher education courses. Associated... See full description.

École normale supérieure

Paris, France
The Ecole normale superieure welcomes in their classrooms to about 2,700 students, many of whom come from nearly 50 countries. The institution is ranked as one of the best in the world. It consists of fourteen departments, between teaching and research, and their programs are focused towards studies of humanities, science, and other subjects.

Emlyon Business School

Ecully, France
EMLYON Business School is a French business school, established in 1872. The institution was formed by Lyon’s local business community, and is affiliated to the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. What is interesting about the school is that it has triple accreditation: EQUIS by the EFMD, AMBA, and the AACSB. EMLYON operates three campuses, with its main one situated in Lyon. There is also a new campus in Geneva, dedicated to Luxury Management and Marketing. Learning at the institute is centered around three areas: Internationalization, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. Degrees... See full description.

ESCP Europe, Campus Paris

ESCP Europe is an international business school, which operates campuses in five major European cities: Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, and Turin. Founded in 1819, it is the oldest business school in the world. On the Paris campus, the school offers a very wide range of academic opportunities. These include a Master in Management, a Master in European Business, and Executive MBA, as well as specialized Management masters in a number of areas, such as Auditing and Consulting, Finance, Marketing and Communication, and more. The Paris campus has made available a Ph.D opportunity as well.... See full description.

Graduate School of Language and Business La Rochelle

La Rochelle, France
Graduate School of Language and Business La Rochelle is an educational institution offering undergraduate, post graduate and executive courses in the fields of Management, Tourism & Finance. The school opened doors in 1901 in France and has proved to be one of the leading Business and Management Schools Internationally. It has made available bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as an MBA. Several programs are available in English for international students, while the school also teaches French language as a course to foreigners and offers them options of learning the language at... See full description.

Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne

Dijon, France
Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne was was founded in 1899, in France. Since then the school has always welcomed international students from all parts of the world, with over 110 years of experience. Burgundy School of Business is a top educational and research institute and a leading one in a list of top French academic institutions in Business & Management. The school’s stated goal is to produce world-class graduates that will greatly contribute to the local and international economy. Degrees offered here include bachelor’s and master’s in Marketing & Business, masters specializations... See full description.

Horizons University

Paris, France
We are a non-profit university located in Paris, France. We offer programs and course on campus or online. Accredited with ECBE and a candidate with ACBSP, we offer flexible and affordable degree programs including BBA, MBA and DBA. See website for full program listings.

International Fashion Academy, IFA Paris

Paris, France
International Fashion Academy, better known as IFA Paris-Shanghai, is a multi-disciplinary fashion school that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in design, technique and business on its campuses in Paris and Shanghai. IFA Paris's mission is to provide young fashion professionals with the skills and attitude necessary to become leaders in international fashion & luxury companies and, at the same time, to strongly encourage its graduates to lead the way in the next generation of fashion design. IFA Paris currently enrolls over 900 students from around the world at its Paris and... See full description.

ISM, International School of Management

Paris, France
The International School of Management is an American graduate school awarding MBA, iMBA, DBA, and PhD degrees, all based on the International Business Management curriculum. The institution has campuses in Paris, France, and New York City, requiring international students to attend courses in partner institutions like Fudan University in China, Temple University Japan, etc. In order to apply, students need to have an average of ten years senior management experience. They have the opportunity to design their own curriculum, tailoring it to their professional interests. The institution is... See full description.

Kedge Business School

Marseille, France
Kedge Business School is a French business school in Marseille. It was established in 1872 by the Chambre de Commerce et d' Industrie Marseille-Provence. The Financial Times has included the institution in the top 30 European Business Schools as well as the top 10 Masters in Management in France. Furthermore, it holds triple accreditation: EQUIS, AMBA, and the AACSB. Euromed Management has made available various bachelor’s master’s, MBA degrees, as well as executive education opportunities. Some of the degrees offer the option to study 2 years in France, and another 2 years in a... See full description.

Schiller International University, Paris

Paris, France
The educational mission of Schiller International University is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. In its undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Schiller provides students with the competencies they need for professional careers as well as for further academic study. The educational process puts particular emphasis on developing international and cross-cultural competencies through foreign language training, intercampus transfer, or other international academic opportunities, and intense interaction among... See full description.

SUPINFO Rennes Campus

Rennes, France
SUPINFO is a private university, which was created in 1965, and specializes in the teaching of Computer Science. SUPINFO trains ICT professionals who can then be employed by IT companies. Students are issued a diploma, which is registered by the French State as a level I national professional certificate. The curriculum is a generalistic computer science one with all 36 schools, delivering the same degree. This enables students to move from one geographical site to another if they wish to. It is also possible to attend classes in a different campus within the school year. The study... See full description.

Université de la Rochelle

La Rochelle, France
The Université de La Rochelle, or University of La Rochelle, is an educational institution offering a multi-disciplinary curriculum which is structured around the three-cycle degree structure (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate or BMB / or in France, the License-Master-Doctorate or LMD).  Courses are offered to students in four main areas of study:  Science, Technology and Medicine; Arts, French, and other Languages; Social Sciences and Humanities; and Law, Economics and Management. The University of La Rochelle’s programs are designed in such a way to allow students to follow ... See full description.

Université Paris-Sud 11

Paris, France
The Université Paris-Sud 11 is an institution of higher education of international character, since it welcomes about 5,000 foreign students, from more than 130 countries. It is composed of 5 campuses, 3 institutes of technology and one of engineering and is considered one of the most prestigious in the world.

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6,UPMC

Paris, France
The Université Pierre et Marie Curie adopted this name in 1974. Its headquarters is in Paris and is considered one of the most prestigious in the world.

Masters Degrees, Graduate Studies and Professional Programs in France by City:

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About Masters Degrees, Graduate Studies and Professional Programs in France

The chance to study abroad in France is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, and when it comes to advanced education, such as Master’s Degrees, Graduate and Postgraduate studies, and Professional programs, the country of France has everything a student needs to be successful.
Officially known as the French Republic, France is a sovereign country located in Western Europe that also includes several overseas regions and territories.  Mainland France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea; and from the Rhine River to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is one of only three countries (besides Morocco and Spain) to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.
France is the largest country in Western Europe and the European Union and the third-largest in Europe as a whole.  With a total population of roughly 66 million inhabitants, it is the third-most populous European country.  A modern nation by any definition, France is a semi-presidential republic with its capital in Paris, the nation’s largest city and the main cultural and commercial hub of the country
Masters Degrees, Graduate Studies and Professional Programs in France
France is one of Europe’s undisputed leaders when it comes to education, particularly in the area of higher education and its advanced degree programs.  The higher education system in France, as well as that of other countries belonging to the European Union, recently underwent a major facelift, implementing changes precipitated by the Bologna Declaration of the late 1990s.  This declaration, which ultimately resulted in the Bologna Process, effectively standardized the credit and degree system at universities throughout the European Union, a measure aimed at improving student mobility and facilitating student transfers.
Today, higher education in France is organized in three levels or grades which correspond to those of other European countries:
  • Undergraduate.  The undergraduate level is defined as the first three or four years of university education.  At this level in France, students can either pursue a 3-year academic Licence (Academic Bachelor) or a 4-year professional Licence (Professional Bachelor).  With the first option, no tangible degree is awarded, but successful completion of the Academic Licence does qualify students to pursue their education at the graduate level, leading to a Master’s degree in their particular field of study.  Students that opt to pursue the 4-year professional Licence or Bachelor, usually with the goal of seeking employment at its conclusion, are awarded a tangible degree following their studies.
  • Graduate.  Students who successfully complete the academic Licence are eligible to pursue studies at the graduate or Master’s degree level.  In most academic areas, this level of education spans two years or four full semesters in duration.
  • Postgraduate.  Exceptional students who wish to continue their education after earning their Master’s degree can pursue studies at the postgraduate level.  Doctorate or PhD programs are offered at most of France’s major universities in a variety of academic disciplines.  In addition to PhD programs, the postgraduate level also encompasses a number of advanced specialty programs, in fields such as Medicine, Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and the Law.
The various levels of study in France also include “parcours” or paths based on UE modules (Unites d’Enseignement Modules), each worth a defined number of European credits (ECTS), which are generally transferrable between paths.  An Academic Licence is awarded once 180 ECTS have been earned, usually at a rate of 60 ETCS per academic year, and a Master degree is awarded once an additional 120 credits (two years) have been obtained by the student.

An interesting characteristic of French higher education, compared with other countries, is the small size and multiplicity of higher education institutions, each specialized in a more or less broad spectrum of areas. For example, a middle-sized French city, such as Grenoble or Nancy, may have 2 or 3 universities (focused on science or sociological studies), and also a number of engineering and other specialized higher education establishments.  In Paris and its suburbs, on the other hand, there are 13 universities, none of which specializes in any one particular area, and a large number of smaller institutions which are highly specialized.

In France, it is not unusual for graduate teaching programs (Master's Degrees, the course or theory portion of PhD programs etc.) to be operated in concert by several institutions, allowing the institutions to present a larger variety of courses.

Why Study Abroad in France
The higher education system of France will expose students to a new and unique academic setting, one whose success cannot be argued.  However, there is much more to this study abroad destination than just academics.  Students who travel to France to study will have ample opportunities to soak in the French culture, learn new language skills, see the sites, and meet new friends and colleagues they will treasure for a lifetime. 
France is easily the world’s most popular tourist destination, thanks in large part to its people and regional cultures, its landscapes and urban areas, and the manner it has for simply drawing people in. France is renowned for its historical and artistic culture, architecture, food, wine, and beaches, offering something for everyone’s tastes. Creative types and intellectuals alike will be at home, particularly in Paris, which is loaded with museums, cathedrals, and historical buildings, and the country is also the ideal location for those interested in learning French or working on the skills they have already acquired.
Here are just a few other reasons to choose France for your study abroad adventure:
The Cuisine
France is famous for its delectable cuisine.  From gourmet entrees, to artisan cheeses to fine wines, this is definitely the ideal locale for the food lover.  As a major tourist destination, France also specializes in many international food styles, giving diners a bevy of choices when planning out their meals.
The Sites
France is home to some of the most majestic and iconic sites in the world, most of which offer daily tours for visitors.  In a single day visiting Paris, sightseers can make their way to a number of recognizable masterpieces, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral, and leave with photos to remind them of the beauty of these sites for many years to come.
Centralized Location
France’s centralized location makes it the ideal gateway for those wishing to visit other European countries and cities, such as Spain, London, Germany and Switzerland.  Whether you travel by bus, train or air, France’s location makes it easy to get the most “bang for your buck.”
The Fashion
France (particularly Paris) is known for its fashion and is the symbolic capital of the fashion world. From high end boutiques to designer resale shops, there are a variety of diversions for the shopper and fashion enthusiast.