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Studies & Degrees in Hispanic Studies

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Hispanic Studies Study Programs

Hispanic Studies is a field involving the study of the language, literature and culture of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries of Europe and America. Spanish is one of the three most widely-spoken languages in the world and Spanish-language culture is correspondingly diverse and vibrant.  A degree in Hispanic Studies would mainly help to expand the liberal arts background of students by helping to develop the skills of communication and critical reasoning, as well as providing insight into the culture of other regional, linguistic and national groups. Enrichment in these areas broadens intellectual horizons, regardless of the professional interests or fields of specialization that may guide students in other facets of their university education.

Personal Qualities

An interest in humanities is a prerequisite for such a degree, combined with genuine interest for Hispanic culture and language. Other qualities include the following:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Good at learning languages
  • Good at carrying out research
  • Excellent analytical qualities
  • Good at memorizing facts

Study Options

A lot of universities all over the world have a Hispanic Studies department, offering various options of study for candidates interested in this field. Hispanic Studies can involve completing degrees such as Spanish, Spanish and Business Studies, Spanish and Classics, Spanish and Philosophy, Spanish and Linguistics, Portuguese with European Union Studies, etc. The universities’ offers usually include a huge variety of combinations involving Hispanic Studies. You can study for an Honors degree in Spanish and Portuguese, or for a Single Honors in Spanish, or you can take Spanish as part of a Joint Honors degree in Modern European Languages. You can take Spanish as part of the degree of Modern European Languages and European Union Studies, or take Spanish and Portuguese with European Union Studies. More interesting options are Joint Honors with Arabic, Business Studies, Classics, English Language, English Literature, History, History of Art, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics and Social Policy. The best programs offer one or two semesters spent in a Spanish-speaking country.

Career Options

Considering their practical language skills, as well as the intellectual and analytical skills they have acquired, graduates in Hispanic Studies can decide to pursue a wide variety of jobs. As well as further research and teaching, graduates can go into fields as varied as business, industry, banking, the media, law, accountancy, publishing, and the Foreign and Civil services.