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Universities in Albania

University of New York Tirana

Tirana, Albania
This is the first European Masters in Computer Science in Tirana, Albania. This Masters Programme in Computer Science is offered in collaboration with University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. At the completion of this programme, students will receive dual Masters: Albanian and British from University of New York Tirana and University of Greenwich respectively.

University of Tirana

Tirana, Albania
After the II World War the System of Higher Education in Albania has been composed by five so called High Institutions, which has been created to meet our emergency needs in preparation the specialists in the most important sectors of life. For the university studies, Albania sent the students abroad, in the universities of Eastern Europe. In the year 1957 the first University in Albania has been created when already existed Pedagogical Institute, Polytechnic Institute, Higher Institute of Economics, Higher Juridical Institute of Medicine, joint together and formed the State University of... See full description.

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About universities in Albania

Albania, also referred to as the Republic of Albania, is a beautiful country in Southeastern Europe with a rich history, proud heritage and an excellent reputation for providing its citizens the quality education required to meet the new challenges and demands of the 21st Century.  However, this emphasis and commitment to education wasn’t always the norm in Albania.  Prior to the rise of the Communist Regime in 1944, schools in Albania, especially those for higher education, were scant and the illiteracy rate was nearly 90 percent.  But once Communist control was seized, every illiterate person in Albania over 12 years of age was required to take literacy classes until they became proficient.  Apparently these methods resonated with the people of Albania, because today the country boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the world—nearly 99 percent for all residents over 9 years of age.

Higher Education System in Albania:  Facts

Like many systems of higher education in Europe, Albania’s recently underwent a major transformation in accordance with the Bologna Declaration—an act that aims to harmonize the university systems in countries of the European union.  This means that universities must offer 3 distinct cycles of education—bachelor, Master’s and doctorate-level programs—along with a number of graduate-level specialized programs for certain advanced professional fields.

Higher education in Albania consists of 13 public universities, the oldest of which is the University of Tirana founded in 1957, and the latest, the University of Durres, which first opened its doors back in 2006; and 38 private institutions of higher learning.  The majority of these universities offer a very diverse curriculum, with undergraduate and graduate degree programs in every major academic field of study.  There are also a number of institutions called “non-university schools,” which primarily offer 2-year certificated career training programs for a variety of occupations.  In all, over 200,000 students are enrolled in Albania’s public and private institutions each year.

Higher Education System in Albania:  The Structure

In the Albanian system of higher education, the following programs are offered to those students who meet the prerequisites for each.  These programs include:

•    Bachelor program.  This is usually a 3-4 year program of approximately 180 credits.  Completion of this program in the Albanian system is necessary for those students wishing to pursue a Master’s-level degree.
•    Master/2nd Cycle.  This is the standard Master’s Degree offered by most universities in the world, in which students will be awarded either a Master of Science Degree (Master i Shkencave) or Master of Arts Degree (Master I Arteve te Bukura) once they complete the two-year 120  credit program.
•    Master Profesional.  These programs are professional in nature and aim to provide students the skills and expertise they need in certain professional fields such as engineering and architecture.
•    Doctorate (Dokaratura).  Doctorate-level (PhD) studies in Albania are individual-based programs offered in most major fields of study, with a strong emphasis on research.  Average time to earn this advanced Albanian degree is 4-5 years.

The final component of the Albanian higher educational system is the long-term specialization degree required for certain fields.  This includes training in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, law and veterinary studies.