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About universities in El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest and the most populous country in Central America.  Education is free for all up till high school, resulting in a high literacy rate of 86.1 per cent in the country. The higher education system in El Salvador comprises three public and twelve private universities. The oldest and most prestigious university in the country is the University of El Salvador. Women enrolling into higher education program at present are significantly higher than in the past. For Salvadorans, attending university is a status symbol. The enrollment age of students in higher education is between 19 and 23. Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate degree are the three main stages of higher education in El Salvador.

Bachelor’s degree in El Salvador

High school students who successfully complete their Bachillerato program and examination obtain a certificate of Bachiller en Educacion Secundaria, which is a bachelor’s degree in Secondary education. This certificate is mandatory to enroll into a bachelor degree program offered by universities in El Salvador. Candidates are also required to take admission examination.
For Bachelor’s in El Salvador, students need to complete four years of study in their respective fields. Those who want to work as professionals in their area of choice need to get a licentiate degree, after attaining the bachelor’s degree. For instance, individuals who want to practice as a psychologist need to get a licenciado in psychology.  Most universities in El Salvador offer degree programs in multiple fields of study, while some others specialize in specific fields of study like social sciences or humanities. An academic year at colleges in El Salvador is divided into two semesters.

Medical education is offered by six medical colleges in El Salvador. The duration of a medical degree course is 7 to 8 years, which include one year of practical training. The students need to get clinical practice under the supervision of lecturers to obtain the degree. Both nationals and foreigners need to complete one year of social service before getting a license to practice medicine. Language of instruction is Spanish in most of the schools.

Upon completing their bachelor’s degree program, students can pursue higher education in the respective fields.

Master’s degrees in El Salvador

Those who have passed their bachelor’s degree with satisfactory grades, and have completed one year Licenciatura, can enroll into a master’s degree in El Salvador.  Some universities collaborate with universities in the US to offer master’s degree programs in specialized subjects. The coursework typically last for two years.

Master of Education is one of the most popular degree programs in the country. It is open to educators and teaching professionals. Master’s degree programs in El Salvador usually contain eight to twelve core courses and one elective.
Master’s degrees in El Salvador offer opportunity to do research in subjects like sociology, social psychology, philosophy and theology and so on.

Doctorate degree programs in El Salvador

Graduates who have an interest in research can enroll into a doctorate program in El Salvador in the respective field of study.  The coursework includes examination, thesis or dissertation.

Public universities in El Salvador offer excellent opportunities to students from low income families to pursue higher education.  Successful completion of higher education offers graduates with many career prospects.

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