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The Centro Huerta del Rey, or "Huerta del Rey" Center, is a prestigious center of Psychology and Education in the international arena, specializing in the care of intellectually gifted students and students who have disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), visual, auditory, and spatial learning disabilities, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and more. The center was created in 1989 and is currently formed by a team of professionals in the field of Psychology and Education.

The courses at the Centro Huerta del Rey are taught by a qualified and motivated team of psychologists and teachers at all levels of education—from primary school teachers to university professors—and with the collaboration of various public and private professional organizations that are renowned for their expertise in the fields of Psychology and Education.

All classes and sessions at the Centro Huerta del Rey are planned for the general and specific needs of each student and are based on the Enrichment Model known as the MEPS objectives. For over a decade, the cornerstone of the center has been their simple philosophy, stated as a single goal: "The Centro Huerta del Rey is not about making exceptional adults but [about making] kids happier and more confident."

The school’s model of Educational Psychology and Social Enrichment (MEPS), created in 1989, is based on the study of the differences in development of gifted students, based on identification and thorough assessment. This model enables the staff to examine and acknowledge each student’s strengths and deficiencies and allows them to offer counseling and make interventions in response to a number of different factors, including school, and the students’ emotional, motivational and social strengths and weaknesses. Courses offered via the MEPS program are an educational strategy aimed at extracurricular enlargement and are tailored to the characteristics of each individual, according to the criteria of the program. Once these students are evaluated, the findings are then applied simultaneously to their normal and regular instructional program.

The instruction and counseling offered by the Centro Huerta del Rey are useful for better development of the regular curriculum, as they incorporate and allow the realization of a series of activities that cannot otherwise be implemented in the regular classroom. Additionally, the courses promote cognitive development at both the social and emotional level.

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