Universities in Switzerland

BHMS Business & Hotel Management School

Luzern, Switzerland
Switzerland is famous study destination for students who wish to start a career in the hospitality.BHMS is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Lucerne, one of the most visited cities in Switzerland. BHMS offers: Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management Bachelor Degree in Global Management Bachelor Degree in Culinary Management MBA in Hospitality Management MBA in Global Management M.Sc. Degree in International Hospitality Business Management Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate Certificate Executive Diplomas... See full description.

BSL Business School Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland
Business School Lausanne is a leading world-renown institution, offering specialized undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. Additionally, executive education is provided on a modular and thematic basis to the regional business community. The undergraduate and Master-level programs have two intakes per year in February and September. All programs put great emphasis on practical and pragmatic learning. The school is dedicated to ensuring an innovative, future-driven approach to education that will create business leaders, who will be competitive in today’s global entrepreneurial... See full description.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Le Bouveret, Switzerland
The University Center “César Ritz,” also known as the César Ritz Colleges of Switzerland, offer students a world-class education in the field of hospitality business and hotel management.  As an international institute of hotel management, the school’s main priorities are academic rigor, Swiss professional training, multicultural awareness and a caring approach to the personal development of their students. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland are proud of their worldwide network of hospitality employers and alumni, as many of the graduates of their international hotel ... See full description.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland
As the world’s first hotel school, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has, since 1893, been a pioneer in education that has inspired the world of hospitality. EHL provides university-level studies to talented and ambitious students who are aiming for top careers in the international hospitality industry. Two programs are offered: Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration. Today, EHL provides an enriching environment with world-class Faculty and ultra-modern campus facilities to some 2,000 passionate... See full description.

ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland
ETH Zurich was founded in 1855 and is one of the most prestigious universities in natural sciences and technology. The institution welcomes some 18,000 students, who come from more than 100 countries.

EU Business School Geneva

Geneve, Switzerland
Since 1973, European University Geneva delivers innovative programs in business for graduate and undergraduate students. The classes are dynamic and taught in English in a small group setting by capable, experienced faculty members.The school belongs to the European University (EU) network with schools located in several countries in Europe. EU students are permitted to transfer to other campuses in the EU network (in Austria, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Syria, Taiwan and the UK).European University Geneva is recognized and accredited around the world. See full description.

EU Business School Montreux

Montreux, Switzerland
European University Montreux is recognized internationally as a quality school of business. Students will find excellent conditions with classes held in small groups of less than 25 students and taught by international professors who have recognized academic record as well as professional experience. The school offers programs in business at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as the possibility to transfer to other EU campus around the world.

Franklin University Switzerland

Sorengo, Switzerland
Franklin College is a non-profit, private post-secondary school opened in 1969, in Switzerland. The school claims to train and develop individuals intellectually and cross-culturally in order to make a significant impact in their respective careers and lives. Franklin College awards the Bachelor of Arts degree in several academic fields at the undergraduate level and currently runs a new master’s program offering the Master of Science in International Management (M.S). Emphasis is put on the need for students to live in the school’s housing residence. The school boasts of a very... See full description.

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Clarens, Switzerland
Located in Montreux, Switzerland at the center of the hospitality industry, Glion Institute of Higher Education has more than forty years of experience in preparing professionals for careers in the hospitality industry. Bachelor programs in hospitality, event, sport, and entertainment management will equip students for top level management opportunities. The programs have a strong academic foundation coupled with the necessary practical knowledge. The school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

HIM – Hotel Institute Montreux

Montreux, Switzerland
Founded in 1985, HIM has gained a reputation for its combination of excelent academic programs with national and international internships in the industry. Its student body of 800 coming from 60 countries work toward undergraduate and graduate programs in Hospitality Management. Degrees awarded are Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management and BBA in Hospitality Management from Northwood University, an American university.

IHTTI – School of Hotel Management

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
IHTTI, School of Hotel Management is located in the city of Neuchâtel. It has been established since 1984 as one of the first hotel schools in Switzerland offering programs in English. Since then, IHTTI has trained executives in the hospitality industries. These executives are the school's best credentials. IHTTI students are enrolled in undergraduate program in Hospitality and Design Management.

SBS Swiss Business School

Kloten, Switzerland
Swiss business school was established in 1998 as a management institution, located in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs in the fields of Management, Finance, Business, Marketing, and others. The school aims to involve students in international experiences and open to them new ways of exploring business possibilities. All of the programs are taught in English, and strive to offer maximum flexibility and convenience. The institution is an accredited educational body (by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE))... See full description.

SHMS – Swiss Hotel Management School

Caux/Montreux, Switzerland
Since 1992 when it was founded, SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School has been registered with the Department of Public Instruction. Due to a partnership with the University of Derby in the United Kingdom, the school’s graduates are awarded Swiss as well as British degrees after successful completion of its undergraduate and graduate programs. Two internships are required for students proceeding to advanced levels. SHMS Swiss Hotel Management has two campuses, in Caux and in Leysin.

The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Luzern, Switzerland
The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland evolved from the fusion of two world-renowned culinary schools, DCT’s European Culinary Center in Lucerne and the Culinary Arts Academy in Le Bouveret, part of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. Both campuses now give students the opportunity to develop their culinary skills in newly renovated, facilities, while experiencing the lifestyle in the distinct French and German speaking regions of Switzerland. Aspire to a career in the culinary field by choosing the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland: the finest traditions, modern training kitchen and... See full description.

University of Zurich

Zürich, Switzerland
The University of Zurich is the largest in the country. It was founded in 1833, being the first University in Europe established in a democratic way. It has 7 faculties and welcomes more than 25,000 students. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world.

Universities in Switzerland by City:

BaselBernCaux/MontreuxClarensFribourgGeneveKlotenLausanneLe BouveretLuganoLuzernMontreuxNeuchâtelSorengoZürich

About universities in Switzerland

Switzerland is a proud country with a long-standing tradition of educational excellence.  From its undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs to its extensive vocational training, the Swiss people, perhaps like no other country in the world, place a high priority on advanced education as a tool for both self improvement and the advancement of society.

Those who choose to study in Switzerland will be taking a major step towards success and innovation.  As a country whose primary resource is knowledge and research, Switzerland welcomes the presence of foreign students and acknowledges their role in the country’s ongoing pursuit of academic excellence and ground breaking research—research that benefits not just the people of Switzerland but the world as a whole.  A testament to this is the large percentage of international students in relation to the total enrollment at Swiss universities.  Currently, foreign students account for nearly 22 percent of the total university enrollment.

Unlike public universities in other countries, whose funding has continued to suffer as the global recession drags on, Swiss universities are some of the most generously funded in the world, largely due to a domestic policy that demands it.  This massive state commitment to education and research has made Switzerland a shining example of the power of education and what it can accomplish.  Not only does the country own the highest number of patents as compared to all other European countries, it can also take pride in having the most per capita Nobel Prize winners in the world.

Higher Education in Switzerland

The higher education system in Switzerland consists of undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs, split between the 10 cantonal universities in the country, the 2 state sponsored technology institutes, the career-oriented universities of applied sciences and the universities of teacher education.  Each offers their own unique approach to teaching and learning, which constantly includes a strong focus on new research.  As a result, Switzerland and its people are able to anticipate economical, technological and political change, and adapt quickly to meet these new challenges.

Master Degrees

Pursuing a Masters Degree in Switzerland, regardless of the field of study, place students on the precipice of innovation and positive change.  Switzerland is celebrated internationally for its top-notch graduate facilities and full access to a wide variety of resources.  Programs are offered in every major field of study, and in a number of different languages, all aimed at attracting the finest students from around the world to study and perform research in their respective fields, and ultimately share what they’ve learned and discovered with the rest of the world.

Vocational Education

Despite its colossal financial, political and intellectual support for its universities, Switzerland also offers programs for career-minded individuals who want to enter into, or move up in a particular field.  Swiss vocational schools offer courses in the theory and practical application of a variety of career fields, such as business management, health care and social work.  Students can also opt to take one of two proficiency exams the country offers at any point during their studies:  Switzerland’s Certificate of Proficiency Exam and the more advanced—and more difficult—Advanced Vocational Education Examination.