Language Immersion Courses in China

2012 Foreign Children Chinese-training Summer Camp in Dalian

Dalian, China
Annual Mandarin Summer Camp of Smile Chinese starts! Curriculum: A. Classic Basic Chinese Courses: Basic Chinese, Video Chinese Lessons, Oral Chinese Lessons for Kids, Situation conversation Lessons for Kids. B. Classic Chinese Culture Courses: Calligraphy, Ceramics, Paper Cutting, Chinese martial art, Chinese history, Tea ceremony, Traditional Custom. Program Date: Jun.20th,2012-Aug.31st,2012(lasting from 2-6 weeks, and the time is optional) Place: Dalian Smile Chinese School, Dalian, China

Allied Gateway, Study in China

Beijing, China
Allied Gateway is an organization, dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and respect among different natures. The company has built a network of partnerships with several universities in China, designing various programs. Two of the most popular opportunities for international students are Mandarin and martial arts, while other options include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Cantonese, and more. These are available in various locations, while participants have the unique opportunity of discovering the Chinese way of living and culture.

Beijing Auchan Transcom, Internship and chinese course in China

Beijing, China
Beijing Auchan Transcom is a company, specializing in providing internships and language opportunities for individuals from all over the world. The organization is based in the center of Beijing, and offers a chance for international individuals to experience the Chinese working environment by undertaking a high quality internship at an affordable rate. All participants can combine their working life with language study and cultural experiences. A great variety of cultural activities are offered, including travel to insider locations, cooking classes, and more.

Beijing International Chinese College (BICC)

Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) is a Chinese Language School in Beijing, China. It offers top-quality Chinese Courses at its 3 campuses spread across the city - the main campus in Sanlitun has over 25 classrooms and a student rest area, as well as an outdoor student area where our BICC students can relax after a day of taking Chinese lessons. We provide Group Courses, Regular (20 lessons a week) and Intensive (40 lessons a week), One-on-one lessons, HSK test preparation courses and Business Chinese courses. We have very experienced teachers, and we have a flexible and... See full description.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

Beijing, China
Beijing Language and Culture University is a specialized institution, which pursues the mission to teach Chinese language and culture to foreign students. The school also receives Chinese students, wishing to study foreign languages, subjects in humanities and social sciences, as well as training teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. Beijing Language and Culture University is known as the "Little United States" in China, because of its very large amount of international students from a great number of countries. The school offers bachelor’s degree programs in Chinese Language(For... See full description.

Chinese Language and Culture Beijing Summer Camp

Beijing, China
TOSIC is an organization, offering free service to those, who wish to study or teach in China. The programs organized follow the mission to create an unparalleled Chinese educational experience, combining strong academic focus with substantial cultural travel. The Chinese Language and Culture Beijing Summer Camp offers the opportunity to students to better comprehend the Chinese culture and language and join a great range of extracurricular activities. The summer camp submerges students in a diverse cultural environment, excellent for enhancing language as well as social skills. The... See full description.

Chinese Language Institute

Guilin, China
The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) was established by two American brothers who have lived, worked and studied in China for 15 years (altogether). The institution boasts a highly personalized service and a carefully developed language learning environment. These attributes make CLI one of the best intensive Mandarin programs in China. The opportunities offered at the center include intensive Chinese, study abroad, China study tour, and Teach in China options. The school is located in the city of Guilin and is officially affiliated with Guangxi Normal University. The center has adopted a... See full description.

ChuShan private school of traditional Chinese culture and language

Beijing, China
ChuShan Private School was set up in 2009 and focuses on teaching of the traditional Chinese culture and language through classic teaching methods and theories. ChuShan hopes to instill in the modern people's minds the traditional Chinese wisdom through the teachings of ancient sages so that they can become more sanguine and live with a more peaceful mind.

CLE Chinese Language Education

Chaoyang District, China
Chinese language Education (CLE) is a privately operated Chinese language school located in Beijing, China. It provides an excellent platform to people, who want to learn Mandarin Chinese while living in China. CLE graduates are well-versed in Mandarin Chinese, which helps them to succeed personally and professionally in a Chinese language environment. The language center has its main office in Jianwai SOHO near the World Trade Center in the Central Business Hub. Classes are also offered through satellite learning centers in Shunyi. Programs that are offered by the school are private... See full description.

Coffee,Tea&Mandarin Language Center

Shanghai, China
Coffee,Tea&Mandarin Language Center is one professional Chinese language school which is well located in heart of former French Concession in Shanghai. Here you can find that Chinese is easy to learn and Chinese culture is easy to understand. Our special features are focusing more on the business Chinese for expat businessmen in Shanghai, and Travel Chinese is for those expats who are travelling in China and willing to know some key tips of dailylife. *Mandarin Courses *  Survival Mandarin  Travel Mandarin  Business Mandarin  Intermediate Mandarin  Advanced... See full description.

Dalian Smile Chinese International Education Institution

Zhongshan District, Dalian
Smile Chinese School, located in Dalian, Northeast China, is a Mandarin Chinese language school that offers a hugely popular Chinese International Summer Camp to children and teens of 7 years and older during the summer vacation period. At Smile, our mission is to "make your Chinese as beautiful as your smile!". Smile Chinese Summer Camp provides special Chinese teaching services for foreign students and children of Chinese people living abroad during the summer vacation every year. Through our vivid, interesting curriculum, outdoor activities, and flexible style of teaching,... See full description.

easyMandarin - The Chinese Language Experts

Shanghai, China
Easy Madarin is a Chinese language learning institute in Shanghai, China, which offers emigrants, professionals and international students an array of courses to assist in their learning process. The courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced; individual or group sessions as well as corporate trainings. Specialized courses at the institute include Intensive Mandarin Chinese courses (Monday-Friday), Part-time Mandarin Chinese courses (Twice a week) and Private Mandarin Chinese courses (Flexible schedule which could include weekends). Accommodation is arranged by the... See full description.

Keats School

Keats School is the only Chinese language school in Kunming which offers full services and is located in the city center. For students who want to study Chinese in China, we provide intensive one-on-one Chinese language instruction to overseas students. Our teachers, who speak standard Mandarin and fluent English, get professional training and use unique teaching methods created by our own.

Learn Chinese in China, Hutong School

Beijing, China
Learn Chinese in China & Find you Internship in Beijing. Hutong School provides Chinese language courses and Internship placements in China. Accommodation and cultural activities are part of all of the programs.

Mandalingua Chinese Language School

MandaLingua is a leading and the first Chinese Language School in China with a fully integrated and structured teaching concept. All Chinese language courses, programs, cultural workshops and activities are tailored to overseas students, expatriates, young professionals and children. Located in Shanghai, the school combines Swiss and German management with Mandarin language Experts from China to bring both cultures closer together. MandaLingua has also founded a Centre for Teacher education (MTTC) to develop and ensure the quality of language teachers in China. With their own unique... See full description.

Mandarin Garden - The Most Flexible Mandarin Group Class In Shanghai

1.Intensive Class: Intensive 12 Course Mandarin Garden Intensive 12 Course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese by focusing on practical language skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation. Course Feature: -Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am-12:30pm Or 13:30pm -17:00pm Focus on listening, speaking, reading -4 group lessons every day, 12 group lessons per week 2.Intensive Class: Intensive 20 Course Mandarin Garden Intensive 20 Course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese by focusing on... See full description.

Miracle Mandarin Language School, Shanghai

Shanghai, China
Miracle Mandarin Language School, Shanghai is a mandarin chinese school, specialized in the teaching of chinese as a second language. Courses start every month and all the levels are available. They have taught over 6.000 studients coming from all the world.

Unique Chinese Language Program presented by Smile Chinese

Dalian, China
Learn Chinese and Enjoy Seafood in Dalian, China. The 6 year anniversary of Dalian Smile Chinese International Language Training Institute is around the corner, and for the occasion we are proud to launch a special Chinese study tour program. The theme is “Learning Chinese, Visiting Dalian, and Eating Seafood”. This exciting new program is a unique, all-immersive opportunity for students to raise their Chinese language levels, while experiencing life in the beautiful seaside city of Dalian, enjoying the seafood it’s famous for. As a famous Chinese saying goes: Compared with... See full description.
Study Programs: Language Courses... See all programs.

Language Immersion Courses in China by City:

BeijingChaoyang DistrictChengduDalianGuilinKunmingSanlitunShanghaiShijiazhuangZhongshan District, Dalian

About Language Immersion Courses in China

Are you one of the millions of people who desire to learn a second language, either for personal or business reasons?  Have you considered traveling to majestic China to learn their language via a full immersion experience?  If not, perhaps this article will change your mind.  China is a magnificent country, one that is rich in culture and tradition.  It is also a country that is steadily on the rise with respect to its place in the world’s economy, so it goes without saying that learning to speak Chinese can potentially open the door to a wealth of personal and professional opportunities.  

According to most linguistic experts, the fastest and most effective method for acquiring a new language, particularly the Chinese language, is full immersion—a method in which every part of the experience, from the teacher-led instruction to the small group discussions to the after school activities, revolves around Chinese language and culture.  

About the Language Schools in China

There are scores of Chinese language schools located throughout the sizeable country of China, but the bulk of these schools are concentrated in some of the larger and more heavily populated cities, including Shanghai and the capital city of Beijing.  Students at these full immersion language schools have the unique opportunity to study under university-qualified language instructors—native Chinese speakers—who employ a variety of teaching strategies to help expedite the process of new language acquisition.  Perhaps the best feature of these full-immersion programs is the opportunities for students to immediately and consistently practice the skills they learn, as they live, eat and recreate among the Chinese people.

Rationale for Studying Chinese in China

Students who opt to study Chinese via a full immersion program in China are not only taking a bold and positive step towards personal enrichment, but a giant leap towards potential professional opportunity.  China now has the fastest growing economy in the world.  In fact, according to a recent study performed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, China’s economy, at its current rate of growth, will surpass that of the United States by at least 2035, maybe sooner.  This means that by learning to speak the language you will essentially be augmenting the number of fiscal opportunities available to you in the future, while also broadening your personal horizons.

One of the cities with a large concentration of Chinese language schools is Shanghai—a very fast-paced city with an abounding history and a very diverse culture.  Students electing to study in Shanghai will be mesmerized by the city’s varied displays of architecture, a distinctive blend that combines old colonial with the ultra-modern, creating a skyline you have to see to fully appreciate.

Fans of old-world China can get up close and personal with over 5,000 years of Shanghai’s abundant history and cultural treasure at the Shanghai museum.  This massive and beautiful structure features over 150,000 exhibits, some of which date back to the earliest times in China’s long history.

The simple truth is that studying in China is an experience like no other, and with the wide array of sights and attractions to see it’s no wonder that the programs in China are becoming so wildly popular among students and adults alike, and growing leaps and bounds with every passing year.

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