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Language Immersion Courses in France

Accent Français

Montpellier, France
Accent Français is a French language school in Montpellier, which receives students of all ages and levels all year round. Course options include General French (Standard & Intensive courses), Academic French, French courses + Exam preparation (DELF, DALF, CCIP, leaving certificate), French for Business, One to One French courses, as well as a holiday option: French courses + gaining cultural awareness of the Languedoc region and Montpellier. The school also provides accommodation services, a pedagogical department, and prides itself on its friendly and personal atmosphere, which goes... See full description.

ACCORD French Language School, Paris

Paris, France
ACCORD is a French language school based in Paris. The school was created in 1988, since when it has been focused on teaching French as a foreign language. The school is situated in the center of Paris in a typical Parisian building. Courses offered include various intensive French options as well as specialties like Business French or one-to-one tuition opportunities. Accord stresses on the fact that teachers are well-qualified, applying modern and innovative methods, whilst also integrating contemporary culture into their classes. This ensures fast success of students, who wish to learn... See full description.

ACCORD, École de Langues

Paris, France
ACCORD, École de Langues is a French language school, established in 1988. Since then it has been dedicated to offering French courses of the highest quality. The school has been given the maximum number of stars in the Official French Quality Label. ACCORD provides intensive and super intensive French courses, afternoon French courses and evening French courses as well as a French and Law program and Business French in mini-groups. The school operates all-year round, being located in the heart of the French capital – Paris. Furthermore, it has built excellent reputation not only... See full description.

ACCORD, École de Langues, Learn French in France for kids & teens in Paris

Issy les Moulineaux, France
ACCORD Language School is a reputable language training institution, holding official agreements with the Universities of Poitiers, Paris V, Paris VII, Paris VIII and INALCO. Founded in 1988, the school has been welcoming professionals and students from over 50 countries. The language courses offered at the school are known for their quality and professional tutors. ACCORD offers a French summer program, specifically designed for teenagers (13-17 years old). The program is unique because it is structured in a way to fully meet the parents’ requirements and expectations for safety,... See full description.

ACTILANGUE Ecole Privée de Langue Français

Nice, France
ACTILANGUE Ecole Privée de Langue Française is a specialized language school, teaching French to international students. It was established in 1977 and is currently situated in the center of Nice – only a few minutes away from the beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais. Courses offered vary from basic options to intensive programs and one-to-one tuition opportunities. These are led by well-qualified instructors, all of whom are university graduates and have post-graduate qualifications. A lot of the teachers are also experts in another field, such as literature, history, art, etc.... See full description.

ALFMED, Academie de Langues France Méditerranée

Perpignan, France
ALFMED is a specialized language center in the South of France, specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language. The school offers intensive French programs for all ages and skill levels. Some of the options available include Business French, French conversation classes, Special French summer, and more. Extracurricular activities are organized,too, to make sure students have a full experience. In this way they keep using the language out of the classroom, too. Some opportunities include golf, sailing, horse riding, internships, and more. If students wish, they also have the... See full description.

Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine

Bordeaux, France
Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine is a specialized institution, offering intensive and extensive French courses all year round. Based in the heart of Bordeaux, the school accepts students from all skill levels and strives to ensure a pleasant, fulfilling experience for French learners. Lessons are conducted by highly experienced and qualified teachers, who apply innovative technologies to make lessons interactive and dynamic. Another point is that the Alliance Française holds the ’French as a Foreign Language Quality label’ awarded by the State. Accommodation is offered in hosts... See full description.

Alliance Française de Bourgogne

Dijon, France
Alliance Française de Bourgogne is a French language school, situated in the center of Dijon. It offers general French and intensive French courses at various skill levels. The school has also made available a Special course for foreign teenagers, who study at French schools. Another interesting option provided is the French course, combined with viniculture. This gives the opportunity for those interested to also learn the cultivation techniques in a vineyard as well as understand the French technical vocabulary for the vineyards and wine. Accommodation options include home stay, young... See full description.

Alliance Francaise de Lyon

Lyon, France
The Alliance Française Lyon is the first language school founded in the city of Lyon, France. It welcomes more than 2300 foreign students each year; these come from 120 countries, which creates a truly international atmosphere within the school. The General French course offered by Alliance Francaise de Lyon is based upon the four essential skills: listening comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression and written expression. Furthermore, the language center provides workshops in phonetics, in grammar, in the development of oral and writing skills, etc. Special cultural classes... See full description.

Alliance Française de Nice

Nice, France
Alliance Française is a reputable, non-profit organization formed in 1883. Since its founding, it has opened 989 schools in 137 countries, which receive more than 500,000 students every year. Alliance Française in Nice is situated right in the city center, where students can enjoy cultural tourism, combining it with their studies. Alliance Française in Nice provides courses in general and business French, in-house training and teaching, basic literacy, and courses on request. These are available at all levels and run throughout the year. All our courses offered by the school comply... See full description.

Alliance française de Rouen

Rouen, France
Alliance Française de Rouen is a French language school, located one hour away from the French capital – Paris. It has been in operation since 1981, when it was founded with the purpose to offer French language teaching in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The Alliance Française de Rouen provides intensive French courses as well as specialized options like business, tourism, literature, gastronomy, and others. All teachers are well-qualified professionals, who apply a range of dynamic methods with the aim of reaching their teaching objectives. Students are also offered accommodation... See full description.

Alliance Française, Toulouse

Toulouse, France
Alliance Française, Toulouse is part of an international network of schools, specializing in language instruction. The Alliance Fraçaise in Toulouse was founded in 1984 to currently receive about 1000 students from over 80 countries. The student body is mainly composed of students from Germany, China, Japan, Spain, UK, Mexico, USA, Colombia, and Brazil. The course options offered include general French, intensive French, evening classes; furthermore, The Alliance Française in Toulouse has established partnerships with local and international companies such as Airbus, Brtish Aerospace,... See full description.

Alpine French School

Alpine French School in the French Alps is a unique language school offering quality French classes combined with amazing activities! Ski or snowboard in the mornings, then learn French in the afternoons during the winter. In the summer, study French in the morning and then try mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, hiking, cycling or varied mountain activities in the afternoons. Then finish your day with French cultural activities. See our website for more info, videos, photos and pricing.


Nice, France
Azurlingua is a French language school with long-lasting experience in providing quality language courses. The options offered by the school include standard courses, intensive courses, individual courses, business French, as well as DELF preparation. The school is located in the center of the city of Nice and it prides itself on the excellent facilities it is equipped with. Adults, students and professionals are all welcomed in the school, while the mix of nationalities is truly diverse, too. The teachers of the school have also created a free internet space offering grammar exercises,... See full description.

B. L. S. - Escuela de Francés

Bordeaux, France
B.L.S. is an organization, specializing in the provision of French language courses in Bordeaux and Biarritz, France. The French learning options are diverse, and include standard French, intensive French, private French, French & Surf, French & Golf, French & Bordeaux Wine, and other interesting opportunities. Some of the programs are specifically targeted at youngsters, and others are available for adults and children above the age of 16. The school makes sure to organize a good range of cultural activities, too, meaning that students will be fully immersed in the French culture and... See full description.

BMA Biarritz French Language School

Ciboure, France
BMA Biarritz French Language School is a dynamic language school, established in 1987. The school has been educating a great variety of students, coming from over 30 countries. The language learning options include General French (both standard and intensive), Business French, French + Activities, French + Surf, as well as other more individualized opportunities.


Royan, France
CAREL is a language center, aimed at adults, high school students, and university students, who wish to learn a language. It offers intensive courses in German, English, Spanish, and French, applying teaching methods based on the expression and listening skills. The programs are led by experienced tutors, who are native speakers and have the adequate qualifications to lead such classes. The centre provides distance learning and continuing education opportunities, too.


Vichy, France
CAVILAM is a French language school, based in Vichy, a city located 3 hours away from Paris and 2 hours away from Lyon. The institution was founded in 1964, since when it has been specializing in the provision of intensive French Courses for Adults, Sports and Language courses (during the school holidays), aimed at teenagers aged 12-16, as well as Teacher Training Courses for teachers of French as a foreign language. The range of options available within each course type is extremely diverse – some examples include French and Balneotherapy, French and Golf, Language Study Trips, as... See full description.

Centre International d'Antibes

Antibes, France
Centre International d'Antibes is a French language training center, consisting of a number of schools. They offer General French, DELF, and programs such as courses for parents and kids, language stays for people aged 50+, a summer language school in Nice, as well as a teacher training program. The school strives to create a professionally friendly atmosphere in its classrooms, and offers accommodation in a number of residence buildings as well as with host families.

Centre Linguistique pour Etrangers

Tours, France
CLE is an independent center for the teaching of the French language, established in 1985. The people managing the institution have extensive experience in teaching abroad, which has enabled them to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The school is located 1 hour away from Paris and offers general french language classes as well as private learning options, language learning for seniors, and exam preparation opportunities. All group classes are held with no more than 7 participants to ensure an individualized approach and quality of learning. Accommodation options are offered, too,... See full description.

Centre Universitaire d'Études Françaises, CUEF de Grenoble

Grenoble, France
Centre Universitaire d'Études Françaises is a French learning center within the University of Grenoble, France. It offers general French courses, French professional language course, as well as teacher training. The center also organizes a range of cultural activities, which help the students practice the language in a natural social environment. These include guided tours of museums and monuments, tasting events, shows and concerts, outdoor and sporting activities, as well as day and overnight excursions.

Chez la Prof

Semur-en-Auxois, France
Chez la Prof is a French language learning experience, offered in Burgundy, 1 hour away from Paris. Maryse, who organizes these homestay programs is a French teacher, who has been instructing foreign students for 20 years. She has travelled to many destinations and knows what foreign students need in order to feel at ease. The homestay programs can last from one to three weeks, depending on the student’s needs. They also include meals and accommodation, as well as guided tours of Burgundy, twice a week during the afternoons. For the three-week session, 2 days in Paris are included, too.... See full description.

Cilfa, School of french language

Annecy le Vieux, France
Cilfa is a French language school, based in Annecy-le-Vieux, 40 km away from Geneva. CLIFA has made available various courses and extracurricular activities with the purpose of teaching the French language to foreigners. The options offered include summer courses, academic year courses, and certificate of training courses. Another point worth mentioning is that CILFA is a center for the DELF exam, the DALF exam, and the TEF exam. CLIFA is affiliated with the University of Savoie. Learning activities are enriched through various extracurricular activities, organized by the school.

Coeur de France Ecole de Langues

Sancerre, France
Coeur de France was established in 1966 as a French language learning institute in Sancerre, France. Coeur de France offers programs which are designed specifically for groups and families. The language teaching programs include all levels of learners (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) in group or individual sessions. The teaching approach helps students to learn the French language and culture by seeing the French lifestyle. The teaching methodology focuses on making learning a lifetime and enjoyable activity. Programs vary from a week to eight weeks. Accommodations offered are... See full description.

College International de Cannes

Cannes, France
College International de Cannes was established in 1931 by Paul Valery. CIC is a private institute which teaches French language and civilization. CIC is open to both professionals and foreign students in an interactive and diverse learning environment. The courses offered at the CIC include French language courses, intensive French courses, business French, French for law, DELF exam courses, seminars of French culture and teacher training courses. CIC also offers corporate internships to students who have acquired a good standard of the French language both written and oral. The campus... See full description.

Cours Universitaires d'Eté pour Etudiants Etrangers

Nancy, France
Cours Universitaires d'Eté pour Etudiants Etrangers located in Nancy, East of France was founded in 1930 to help foreigners from all over the world to learn the French language. The courses offered are for all levels, beginner to advanced, student, teacher or any other. Two specialized courses offered at the university are theatre course and the commercial French course. The theatre includes a play in French, which is to be performed by the students while the commercial French courses include economic, commercial, administrative and legal issues concerning business in France and... See full description.


Moustiers Ste Marie, France
Crea-langues was founded in 1984. It provides language learning services specifically to adults and teens. Adult & teens from all walks of life immerse into a rich learning experience with multilingual coaches. The teaching method is to teach from institution-based teaching material, press articles and excerpts, radio & television programs, language games and French songs. Furthermore, magazines, newspapers, books and multimedia resources are utilized for language learning purposes. Classes are limited to 3-6 students only but “Francais Professionnel” and private sessions have... See full description.

CUEF - University Stendhal

Grenoble, France
CUEF is a French institute situated in Grenoble, France. CUEF offers academic services in the fields of foreign languages & cultures, ancient & modern literature and the science of language & communication. CUEF prepares its students for journalism, communications and cultural related careers. Every year more than 3000 foreign students graduate from CUEF. The basic courses offered are general French, French professional language and Trainings in teaching. The accommodation for students includes rooms on campus, private apartments and French host families. CUEF helps prepare its students... See full description.

Ecolangues: French Immersion Language School

Angers, France
Ecolangues was established in 1984 at Angers, Loire Valley, France, as a French language teaching institute. The courses offered by the school are small group sessions, course for two, one to one courses, trainer’s home course and Train the trainers course. The teaching method is focused on the laws of accelerated learning, NLP and Sophrology. The teaching style incorporates all of the aforementioned techniques to enable students to learn better. The accommodation options include homestay and hotels managed by the school itself.

Ecole des Trois Ponts

Roanne, France
Ecole des Trois Ponts is a French language and French cooking institute which greets individuals, couples, business, people, families and groups. The teaching tactic is persistent towards speaking. Conversational skills and pronunciations are very much encouraged by the teachers at the institute. The courses are divided into three units: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced while accommodating courses as: week-long courses, cooking, wine, cheese, pastry, chocolate & lifestyle courses. The population in class is specifically kept small to encourage speaking & offer more individual attention.... See full description.

Ecole Interculturelle de Francais EIFE 2F

Lyon, France
Ecole Interculturelle de Francais is a French language institute for foreigners who wish to learn the French language in Lyon, France. The courses are divided into several units: Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Spoken French. The teaching method focuses on grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and civilization & culture. There are also workshops to engage students in the city life as it boosts the language learning process. Teaching at Ecole involves active practice of the French language in classrooms. The institute also acts as a preparatory centre for the Delf exams which... See full description.

Ecole Klesse Montpellier

Montpellier, France
Ecole Klesse came into being in 1965 at Montpellier, Southern France as a French language centre. The centre offers customized language programs according to the needs of the students in groups or as individuals. The courses are divided into total immersion program, intensive program, standard program, one to one program, group business French and Tourism program. Furthermore, the institute offers specialized courses for Business & Professional French and Teacher’s training. The non-instructional activities at the institute cover guided city trips, culture programs and sporting... See full description.

Ecole Perl

Paris, France
Ecole PERL accommodates students from around the globe to learn the French language in Paris and also experience the French way of life. The campus comprises of 12 large classrooms, conference room, language lab, multimedia centre, library, cafe and a courtyard. The courses include general French courses, specialized workshops, intensive trainings and French & painting. PERL also provides opportunities to learn the Parisian culture. PERL is accredited by the Rectorat de Paris and the Professional Training Authority certified by the Ministry of Education of France. The accommodation... See full description.

Elfe, French Courses in Paris

Paris, France
Elfe is a center in Paris, dedicated to offering French language courses in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Classes are led in groups of no more than six people. The programs offered by the school include General French, Private French, Combined French, as well as Teacher Training programs. Other activities are varied, too; they include excursions, cookery, wine-tasting, fine arts, and fashion design. Accommodation is offered with host families, at hotels and at private apartments.

Eurolingua Institute

Montpellier, France
Eurolingua Institute is a specialized organization, which is dedicated to designing and organizing a variety of language programs for individuals, school groups and businesses. A full immersion course is developed for each language option offered, and these include opportunities in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Ukrainian, Dutch, German, Russian, and Spanish. The participants can choose between one-to-one tuition, staying at their tutor’s home as well as learning in small groups, while accommodation is organized with a host family. In any case,... See full description.

France Langue

Nice, France
France Langue is a French-teaching school established in 1976, with two locations in France – in Paris and in Nice. The school is proud to have taught thousands of students from over 100 countries of the world and they admit students throughout the year. France Langue’s means of teaching focuses mainly on developing the student’s listening and speaking skills with lesser emphasis on writing and reading. Language programs offered there include intensive French (long and short-term), one to one French lessons, extensive program, specialized programs as well as teacher training.... See full description.

Institut César Langues

Montpellier, France
The Institut César Langues is a centre of teaching French and other languages. Headquartered in Montpellier, it is situated in a building from the 18th century, and classes began in 2002. The school has only 6 students per class, in order to receive all attention possible.

Institut de Français

Villefranche sur mer, France
Institut Français is a French language teaching Center, located in Villefranche sur mer, on the French riviera, close to locations such as Nice and MonteCarlo. It was founded in 1969 and uses the "total approach" method for language learning, combining audiovisual systems and the use of the practice of French only.


Perpignan, France
Roussilangues is a French language school established in 2004. It offers classes in French as a Foreign Language for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. The courses are executed by well-experienced, well-qualified teachers, who know how to adapt the curriculum to meet the students’ needs. Group classes, one-to-one tuition, intensive courses or weekend lessons are all available, too.

Sofi 64

We are a French language school located in Anglet (Biarritz) right next to beautiful beaches and waves. Our French immersion courses are designed for adult students who wish to improve their French language skills at any level. Great programs such as "French & Surf" and "French & Yoga". Our groups are small, 8 students maximum. Our teachers are dedicated, qualified and experienced. Our school premises are modern and confortable. We provide great conditions and environment to learn French!

Language Immersion Courses in France by City:

Aix-en-ProvenceAngersAngletAnnecy le VieuxAntibesBordeauxCannesChambéryChamonix Mont-BlancCiboureColmarDijonFoixGapGrenobleIssy les MoulineauxJuigné sur SartheLyonMontpellierMorzineMoustiers Ste MarieNancyNantesNiceParisPerpignanRennesRoanneRouenRoyanSaint Germain en LayeSaint-Geniès-de-ComolasSaint-RaphaëlSancerreSemur-en-AuxoisToulouseToursVerneuil sur AvreVichyVillefranche sur mer

About Language Immersion Courses in France

Learning a new language (in this case French), offers a number of benefits. It looks great on a resume, can greatly augment your employment opportunities, and better prepares you to conduct business globally. It also helps to expand your horizons, to gain a new perspective, and offers a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. There are many methods for studying and ultimately mastering the French language, but according to linguists, the most expedient and comprehensive of these is through total immersion language courses—the type of courses taught in the language schools in France.

Tens of thousands of international students converge on France annually to study abroad. Some come for the wonderful academic opportunities in courses such as art and history, while some come just for the breathtaking sights and to bask in the French culture and way of life. Recently, however, a new trend has emerged, characterized by a great demand from students seeking to broaden their cultural and personal horizons by learning to speak the French language. In response to this demand, there are now a number of institutions, both new and established, offering language immersion courses.

The language immersion courses in France are unlike most of the traditional methods of language acquisition. Instead of learning strictly from course materials—textbooks, handouts, audio tapes, etc.—in French language schools, the language itself is the means by which students learn. Whether receiving class instruction from the professor, having one-to-one conversations with fellow students, or taking in a meal or a movie with a new friend, every sound uttered is in French.

According to language experts, full immersion is by far the most expedient way to learn French (or any new language). Just like a young child learns to speak his/her first language by being surrounded by it, so too do students learning a second language. Hearing French 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will not only allow you to learn faster, but will make you more proficient. A book cannot possibly convey the inflections, or facial expressions some use when speaking their natural tongue, and it is these clues that lead to full fluency in the language, rather than just a mastery of French words.

There are many schools and universities in France offering a wide array of language classes. Some of these will span a semester or full academic year, while others are more intensive, taking place during the summer or school intercession. Typically, these classes are reserved for college and upper-grade high school students, but some are designed with everyone in mind, from the business professional to the casual tourist. Some courses even combine language learning with certain recreational activities, such as skiing or water sports.